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This game is awesomely super RAD!!! In fact, I thought I just saw Chuck Norris playing it while saving baby pandas. Great music, intense gameplay, and super trippy! The game is NOT just 1 song. You have to unlock the levels first. Anywho, I said my piece and I think I'll play BIT.TRIP naow!!!
KhaozVixen on Oct 7, 2010 for BIT.TRIP BEAT
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Doesn't work on my Ipod Touch!
I love this game but it won't install on my ipod. I have a 3rd gen, which should work but it's giving me nothing. I don't want my $2 back I just want this game to work. Please fix this!!! would be a five star rating, but it's hard to rate something I can't play
zwales on Oct 7, 2010 for BIT.TRIP BEAT
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Good port!
I say port as this is a port from the Wii's wiiware. Firstly, the game is pretty amazing it is a rhythm game, which becomes readily apparant as the notes for the addicting songs line up perfectly with the "beats" you hit with your paddle/bat in a pong like fashion. As a port, it can take a little while to get used to the iDevice motion controls coming from the wii, just due to sensitivity. It's very relaxing, but isn't a game you can just fit in quickly every now and then as the songs are a bit long that you do actually have to sit down with the game.
Oryuko on Oct 6, 2010 for BIT.TRIP BEAT
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Fun, hard and super creative
It may not be for everyone but if you enjoy a challenge, innovative gameplay and rhythm based games, this game was made for you. The graphics are super fun and very retro. I've seen interviews with the guys who created the game and they're a really small team with a great attitude for creating games that challenge the norm. If you're interested in supporting "the industry", these guys are who you want to reward. Buy the game.
Sheacanbake on Oct 6, 2010 for BIT.TRIP BEAT
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The people giving this a single star did not actually play the game, otherwise they'd realize it comes with three songs, not one. Three addicting songs! And the person who complained about there being "only" three songs, the first two he beat in 20 minutes, he must be a gaming god. These songs are not only challenging to the point that they should take several attempts, but they each last around 15 minutes. So kudos to anybody beating the first two in an impressively impossible 20 minutes. Even after beating a stage, the music is so good and the gameplay so tight that you should enjoy playing them through several times.
Matt the Wonderful on Oct 5, 2010 for BIT.TRIP BEAT
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This game is the ish
this game is just completely out of this world!! interactive music with game play is something you don't really see in so called "good games". bit trip has most definetly framed this kind of style into their games to make truely rightous yet simple games. one of the best games for the iphone yet.
ChinaTurner on Oct 5, 2010 for BIT.TRIP BEAT
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