Audubon Trees: Few eastern trees Review

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Few eastern trees
Disappointing to say the most. Definitely not worth ten bucks.
ChuckSherman on Mar 27, 2010 for Audubon Trees
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Audubon Trees... Disappointing to say the least!
What a letdown! I own two Audubon field guides to North American trees and an Audubon field guide to North American birds (all traditionally printed hard-bound books). I also own the Audubon bird field guide for iPhone. I consider all of these to be excellent resources for tree and bird identification (books and iPhone app). The Audubon Trees iPhone app pales in comparison and is a big disappointment. Limitations include: 1) Searching by flower color is not available; 2) Photos are very limited - I expected to see bark, leaf, full tree shots (spring and summer), and fruit/cone/flower images, however the images presented are very inconsistent and limited; 3) Range information is not available for a large number of trees and; 4) Misspelled words exist - Example in the first product screen shot "beecb". I consider this to be an incomplete product. Suggestion: Take the identification methodology, description text, photos, and searching options from the hard-bound tree field guides and incorporate them into the iPhone app. Add more searching options such as evergreen or deciduous; bark type smooth, bumpy, flaky, course/rough, etc. Incorporate searching by flower color and add a full complement of photos for each tree specimen! Until this app is improved I will not recommend it. At this point, it's more like a beta product or an application preview. Refund available?
Find a trail and go! on Mar 24, 2010 for Audubon Trees
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Disappointing for bocu bucks
I bought this so that I could I.D. trees while I hike. Well, the pix are worthless. I was hoping to be able see several images of each tree based on shape (entire tree), bark, leaf shape & fall color. Not too much to ask for $10! Well, some trees have only one paltry image. Until more pix are added, don't waste your $$$$$$$.
KPfromKP on Feb 24, 2010 for Audubon Trees
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Not Even Close to a Book Guide
Do not waste your money buying this app. I have been waiting for a good tree field guide for the iPhone for a long time and was very happy to finally see this in the store. Unfortunately, My wait continues. Keep in mind, I have become used to the amazing iBird application so maybe I am expecting too much here. All I know is that I still need to pack the old school paper guide to identify trees and bushes when hiking in the PNW. The problem begins with the user interface, which starts you off by tryng to sell you their other apps - every time! No, you can't turn off this function. Then you are given four search opportunities, which seems about right. That is until you use them. The "quick guide" only gives you one option to identify a tree before you have to start scrolling to find the one you're looking for, and then the pictures are so bad and inconsistent that who knows if you will ever identify the tree in front you. I certainly haven't had any luck with it. The other search options are actually worse. I was hopeful when I saw the "advanced" option allowed you to put in multiple criteria before searching, but was quickly frustrated by the fact that the terms no longer had pictures with them like they did elsewhere. So, you better remember what their dozens of terms resemble, or else you will need to flip back and forth through other sections to keep up. Of course when you do this none of your selected criteria is remembered so plan on reentering it all over again. And if you're lucky, you will get through a whole search without the app crashing on you. As you can see I am really frustrated by this app. Primarily, because there aren't much better options to choose from. All I can say is don't be fooled by the high ranking of this app, it's not worth the one star I am forced to give it. Keep looking around and hold your breath that the developers of the iBird app decide to tackle the trees of the forest as well.
jkeblas on Feb 4, 2010 for Audubon Trees
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I like but.....
First I agree with previous reviews that the pics need to be improved, especially with more close-ups of leaves, bark and fruit. I have four additional issues though that I offer as suggestions for improvement. 1. On the Description page for each species the only name I have for families are the old common names instead of the correct ones. I have "pea" instead of Fabaceae, "maple" instead of Aceraceae, "beech" instead of Fagaceae, etc. Curiously though the screenshots shown in the app store show that both the common and formal family names are given. Not on my version! (downloaded 2-3-10) 2. On the main image page the common and Latin name is given in the lower left hand corner. For many species with long Latin names they are not completely shown. For example all I get for Texas buckeye is "Aesculus glabra var......." Nowhere in the description is the full name given. 3. This is very minor but several trees have the latin species name capitalized which it never is supposed to be. 4. UI issue. I LOVE the Life List but when I click on the Life List icon my lists do not show up. I have to first click on the "album" tab then click again on the "Life List" tab for them to show up. I still really like the app though. If these issues are improved its an easy 5 star.
Cblevins on Feb 4, 2010 for Audubon Trees
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Needs Consistent Pictures
As pointed out in previous reviews, the pictures of trees in this app are inconsistent and therefore make it difficult to differentiate trees of the same family. For example, if one was trying to determine whether a particular tree with white bark was a European White Birch, a Gray Birch, or a Paper Birch, it would be very difficult with this app. Only the Gray Birch shows a close-up of the leaves, and their description mentions nothing about how to tell the similar birch species apart. I suggest including consistent pictures of each species - leaves, bark, fruit, and overall shape. That would greatly improve the usefulness of this app. I'm hoping that Green Mountain/Audobon is working on this for their next version of Audobon Trees.
Birdsng on Jan 19, 2010 for Audubon Trees
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