Audubon Birds Pro: Live it love it! Review

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Live it love it!
Great in field, like the sharing snd uploading your own photo.
bjwinz on Jul 25, 2013 for Audubon Birds Pro
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Many bugs but great information
The pro of this app is its extensive information. It really would be the only app a birder in No. America would need. The cons of this app are many. It crashes constantly. I can count on it simply exiting itself with every use that may last more than 3 minutes. If you are not holding the ipad just so, the app will not justify itself to the screen, making the user twist and turn the ipad until it pops into the only position it will allow for the app to be seen- vertical with the home button on top. I have to completely shut down and restart my ipad if i want to use it at times, as it will go to a black screen. Very frustrating! I wish the developers would take some time to address these issues. I feel like i wasted my money.
AIRmom74 on Jul 23, 2013 for Audubon Birds Pro
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Wonderful app from which I am learning very quickly. Thank you!!
NancDee on Jul 23, 2013 for Audubon Birds Pro
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Great App!
Was in the woods this weekend without cell service. Was so thrilled to learn I didn't need it to search the app and hear sound clips. This is the first app I ever bought, and it remains one of the best app purchases I've ever made. I was able to search by geographical location and general description of the song I heard everywhere without actually seeing the bird. Swainson's thrush. Thank you! Was also able to identify barred owls by their hoots comparing to the sound clips on the app. Thanks for making me pretty much a rock star with my camping group this weekend.
Phocid on Jul 22, 2013 for Audubon Birds Pro
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Some really annoying features
It pains me a little bit to write a bad review about this app because I love Audubon as a group, but here is my honest assessment of their app: First off, there is a lot of good information in here, however there are better options for the price and there are some really annoying "features" and bugs. I bought this app on sale for 99 cents, it was worth 99 cents, but it is definitely not worth the current asking price of $15. Buy the iBird plus, iBird pro, or Sibley's guide instead (ordered by my preference). This app has good pictures, range maps, and characteristic selections (flight pattern, song type, etc. etc. etc.) but it is hampered by terrible usability. 1.) This is linked to something called the "NatureShare Community", presumably an attempt to make some sort of social network. There is nothing inherently wrong with this, but I don't want it. I am, however, reminded of the great opportunity to join the NatureShare community almost every time I open the app. It is such an amazing opportunity that I sometimes have to decline the offer three or four times in a row, just in case I forgot the previous times. I can't explain how annoying it is to see a really cool bird you want to identify, quickly grabbing your phone to try to identify it before it flies away, and have those precious few seconds before it flies away wasted by the umpteenth reminder of all the great reasons to join the nature share community. 2.) This app requested (and was granted) use of my location data. You would think that it would then use this data to determine which birds I was near. It does not. Nor does it allow me to set a default location. If I wish to search birds by location I have to input my location. Every. Single. Time. Even if I haven't exited the app, I still need to input my location for a new search. This is infuriating. There is no apparent user benefit to granting the app location data, I assume it is for marketing purpose only. 3.) The app also doesn't know which month it is, and doesn't even have the decency to remember the last month I selected when searching birds by time of year. Instead it always defaults to January. This is really annoying. 4.) Once I've declined the NatureShare community offer between one and six times, and I've manually entered location and date I can get a list of birds that I might be looking at. My bird has of course flown away by this point, but hopefully if I find a picture soon it will be fresh in my memory, and I now have a list of birds it might be on the app. Now there are a bunch of ways of ordering a list of birds. You could order them by family (Hawks first, sparrows second, corvids after that, etc.), or maybe you could order them by size, or color, of habitat preference. Really, anything would be better than alphabetical order by common name, but this app has opted for alphabetical order. I am the first to admit that I'm a lousy birder, but even I don't have much trouble distinguishing between an American Crow, American Black Duck, and American Kestrel. Audubon is clearly trying to turn this into a social network (the main menu quite literally has more selections related to social networking than selections related to birds) and this has really affected the primary purpose of this app, which is to identify birds. If you want a bird-related social network, this might not be a bad choice, but if you want to identify and learn about birds, look elsewhere. There are positives: the pictures are good, the range maps are good, they have numerous calls for each bird that are labeled by where they were collected, there are many criteria to search birds by, but all of these positives are overwhelmed by poor usability and much better options for the price. If it was one or two dollars it would be a 4-5 star app, at $15 it simply isn't a good choice.
Tomadgjl on Jul 21, 2013 for Audubon Birds Pro
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Rodneyrundown on Jul 21, 2013 for Audubon Birds Pro
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