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Apple fail
Apple should refund our money for this app. They approved it before it was in the store and now decide they don't like the original features and have taken away the functionality I paid for. Apple should be ashamed.
Bob C..... on Dec 29, 2011 for App Switcher
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No point without notification center support
You know, Apple should clearly display the list of changes on the updates screen, as they do in the mac app store. I installed this update without knowing that notification center support was removed. I liked the previous version quite a bit, even though it was less than intuitive to set up. If I would have had time to review that version, it would have been 4 stars. That functionality was such a major time saver that I didn't mind the time it took to figure it out. However, without the support for putting the shortcuts in the notification center, this app provides little to no advantage. Maybe this version has enough functionality for a free app, but with notification center it was worth at least twice its price. I wasn't aware that it was apparently pulled from the app store. I was still happily using it. This unexpected "upgrade" is no longer worth keeping on my phone. I am sad to see such a useful thing go away.
J_Ekis on Dec 23, 2011 for App Switcher
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Very hard to setup
Support is a joke. Save your money and keep looking. Instructions would be very helpful. None with program. UPDATE While I appreciate the effort at making changes for the current update, this update is one step forward and two steps back. The manual is a welcome addition to the program. But, in all fairness it should have been there from the beginning. That's the one step forward. The two steps back is the removal of the promised ability to access Bluetooth and WiFi from the app. I notice they are no longer on the promo screen.This is why I bought the app in the first place. Even with this latest update, this app is still pretty much useless to me. I stick with my original rating and comments. 1 star and a 'save your money and do not buy'. I have deleted the app from my devices.
cj sparrow on Dec 23, 2011 for App Switcher
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Great app, too bad Apple broke its best feature
I gave up JBing because this app allowed me quick access to specific system settings right from notifications center. A little difficult to set up but great once you get it going. It wasn't bad enough that iPod users have been waiting 10 years with no 5-band EQ, now Apple can't accept that iOS users might like having quick access to things like the ON/OFF toggles for WiFi, Bluetooth, Airplane Mode, etc. without having to burrow three levels down into the Settings app? Will this feature end up like Greg Hughes' WifiSync - you kick it out of the app store, only to add it to iOS and claim it as your own idea two years later? It's your ecosystem Apple, so I'll respect your right to manage it as you see fit. Now, respect my right to wash my hands of iOS/iTunes and switch to an ecosystem that's more tolerant of people who like to customize (beyond mere wallpaper background) the gadgets they worked hard to pay for.
fondy44 on Dec 24, 2011 for App Switcher
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Whats wrong with Apple? It appears URL support is no longer supported in the notification center which was the whole reason i downloaded this App. I want my money back
J562002 on Dec 22, 2011 for App Switcher
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their update is ffcuked up! They took away notification settings witch is the whole reason why I bought this HARD to use app! And they're taking the best part away from it. what a fail (n)
CHilliN 0N tHE dANCEfl00R on Dec 22, 2011 for App Switcher
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