Antimatter: Good start Review

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Good start
This game reminds me of the "Pacifist" mode of Geometry Wars 2, yet without passing through the gates, no enimies, and a lot less fun. The visuals are good, but mostly because they consist entirely of particle effects and nothing more, and it gets extremely difficult to see your "antimatter" when more gates show up. The game loses it's fun and becomes a chore around level 15 and gets almost impossible to complete. The powerups are mostly useless (what the hell do the radiation symbals and plus signs do?) with the exception of one, which makes you destroy the gates when you touch them, clearing up the screen. Controls are okay, but not nearly as precise as required for this game, but bonus levels are a nice little switchup every couple of levels. But even they arnt enough to make this game worth anything more than 99 cents.
fortris on Dec 2, 2008 for Antimatter
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Not as good as I expected
The game isn't nearly as hard to describe as they make it sound. You just use your finger to control a ball that you bounce into bars that float and spin around. If you hit a blue bar it turns red, and if you hit a red it turns blue. All the bars start out blue and the object is to make them all red. Your finger tends to get in the way of the play field, so you constantly have to take it off and reposition it so you can see. The game is also pretty boring and repetitive, and the powerups don't add much to gameplay. Overall I was pretty disappointed considering how good Enigmo is. It's a fairly (but not ground breaking, as they make it sound) original concept but poorly executed. I hope they add a lot to this game or I will be very unsatisfied.
Logan E on Dec 2, 2008 for Antimatter
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I'd have to agree with most of these reviews. The game is nice to look at bit doesn't do much to keep your interest.
Jweaver911 on Dec 2, 2008 for Antimatter
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Why all the harsh ratings?
People are taking this the wrong way. In my eyes, this game isn't as fun as enigmo, but it is a great original game that has an entertaining idea. You're not supposed to take your finger off the screen, that will smoothen gameplay. It is definitely worth a dollar. There definitely should be some updates with increased powerups, and you should have a powerup that changes the antimatter to do different things.
Macgyver214 on Dec 2, 2008 for Antimatter
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Less Than Great
Game play consists of dragging your finger across the screen to control a tiny flash of light as lines randomly bounce around the screen. You must touch each line once with your light to change colors...change them all and you've completed the level. Touch them again and they toggle off again and you have to touch them again to change the color again. Rinse and repeat. There are some "power ups" that change the line length or number and a counter makes sure you can't take the patient route. The number of lines increases for each level until you're left with your tiny light flying through a spaghetti plate. Control is very sluggish and play seemed to consist mostly of watching the light bounce madly around the screen. Not up to what one would expect from Pangea.
WilsonKen on Dec 2, 2008 for Antimatter
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Pretty fun game; good time waster. Worth a dollar for sure.
FnkDrms89 on Dec 2, 2008 for Antimatter
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