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Needs work, but promising
Overall a decent app, but it has a ways to go to be worth $7 (including layers). However the ability to export to illustrator, and to zoom so quickly for detail work, does keep me coming back. Here's hoping for future updates!! Needs: !!!Eye dropper tool--current the only way to get new swatches is to bring them in from a photograph. It is practically impossible to have your colors match when drawing freehand because you have to repick your colors each time. This is a huge limitation. Line and shape tools--what is a vector program without the ability to draw a straight line? Additional brushes--being able to vary opacity is great, but what about feathering? Text
Elenat11 on Jan 29, 2012 for Adobe Ideas
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I want my money back.
This app makes you spend more money. Rip off. I always knew Adobe sucked, but I didn't know it was this bad...
bbvc2000 on Jan 27, 2012 for Adobe Ideas
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Needs more frequent updates
"Out of the box" it's alright but future updates need to be more frequent and text layers need to be added. I thought I would be able to use this draw up web design sketches but the functionality doesn't help me when I need to add text. And having to buy layers is a huge downfall not to mention you can only have 10 layers. If there are more updates I would recommend this others but until that happens don't waste your money
Nickdudego3 on Jan 27, 2012 for Adobe Ideas
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Good, but...
I use this app for practicing calculus (I take a picture of the screen in iBooks). I use this app rather than other apps because of its fast "vector" drawing, as it makes the writing and pictures smooth. I really was hoping to see this app updated more with more features like the ability to select multiple lines and drag them to another location. It would be very helpful if folders (like in Pages or Numbers) were included also, as my practice problems are starting to pile up...
Woahcoolness on Jan 22, 2012 for Adobe Ideas
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Adobe, you have really let me down. No brushes, no fill, no templates, awful color swatch (only four colors) and the most absurd... you have to buy layers?!!!! This is one of the worst aps I have bought. Don't waste your money.
Neilryanyoung on Jan 21, 2012 for Adobe Ideas
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Love this App, AND, I think many miss the point...
First, This App is great. Fantastic way to trace a jpg into a vector. Using a mouse or trying to Auto lasso and correct, pain in the butt. And the old Bamboo style tablets, awful, I need to see where my hand is in relation to the work in this kind of direct context. Much more natural. **And to the 5 color guy, did you even USE this app? There’s a whole rainbow pal.*** Yes, the app is very limited, but only because the concepts has me jazzed and I want to do everything with it. As far as the "In App" purchase. I dig the concept. I would have just bought the whole thing off the bat, but if someone doesn't want that function, letting them save a buck is cool. I wish Office was like that, I don't use 85% of what that suite can do, So on an "In Program Purchase" basis; I figure I would have knocked that one down about $400 bucks! :o) I cannot wait to see where the rest of this is going with Adobe, but count me In! Below is my general rant on this whole set of programs, and why anyone who is in the field should ignore most negative reviews: I can't help but think of Solitaire when I see these apps. And that no one seems to get it. Maybe I'm wrong but this, along with the other new "Companion" apps, seems to be more about practice than craft. It looks like Adobe is blazing some amazing trails just over the horizon, and this sort of app is to get us ready for it. The tablet is about to change how digital design happens, and we need to adjust our brains and hands to get ready for it. When Microsoft came out with Windows, someone realized that people had a very hard time adjusting to this Mouse thing. Looking at a screen, but shifting a pointer around with a box next to your keyboard. It was tricky and very frustrating for a lot of people, could have killed the OS, or at least the peripheral. But, someone came up with the idea for Solitaire. Give the folks a game to play with this new mouse thing, let them practice in a fun way rather than with the stress of tasks and deadlines smashing into their learning curve. And here we are today, moussing away like pro’s. And to anyone complaining about the price…Really? This is software that runs several hundred to several thousand dollars per version, and 2 or 10 bucks is a problem? For one; that’s a latte. And for two; If you’re in the business of professional design, this is a very minor expense, up there with paperclips, and if you’re an amateur or hobbyist (I’m slightly lower than either), don’t complain about the cost of the big boy toys, they let anyone buy them, but they are not supposed to be of great value to you if they are not how you make your money. Pretty sure a Racecar costs a lot more than my Toyota, but I don’t think I would complain about that fact if I decided I wanted one to drive around town in.
yogiLV on Jan 21, 2012 for Adobe Ideas
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