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Infamous Level 10
I have an iPad. It doesn't like level 10 either. After watching various cheats, my attempts were still futile. So . . . try going in reverse. Hold down your home button at the bottom of your tablet first, then quickly push the home button on the image of the phone in the game. It worked for me. Good luck! Incidentally, this is the fourth review I've written here. Evidently the nicknames I choose are popular. But, your programming requires that the review be written before checking the name availability. And if the name is being used by another, everything is erased! The name, the review, all of it. The name should be the only item that requires a rewrite. So if you don't read this, it's because I was again unsuccessful and I will not try again.
Wildcat-70 on Jan 7, 2015 for version 1.61
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This game is a total waste of my time! All the levels are unbeatable and when I try to watch the video to get more solutions the video doesn't even show up, all I get is sound!!! Don't waste your time on this game!!!!
Animallover235 on Jan 4, 2015 for version 1.61
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It was okay, at first then I got to level 10 and it didn't work. I saw all the review about how it didn't work but was gonna try anyway, because I figured since mine was completely updated and the newest iPod that it would work. I did what your supposed to hold the home button down on the screen then push the home button and it just stays green. He game is also kinda confusing but that's just my opinion.
Alexandra 111300 on Nov 13, 2014 for version 1.61
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Great game except level 10
I cannot get past level 10. The issue is that I have a different phone, not iPhone. I also tried pressing the fake home button in level 10 game and then pressing the HOME button in iPad but it doesn't work. Is it possible that someone fix this? In other hand, the game is great and fun to play!
Kimmmmokju on Sep 20, 2014 for version 1.61
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level 10 breaks game
Playing on an iPhone 4 and attempting to correctly solve level 10 alternates between crashing the game and freezing the button green, but not opening the door. Please fix this as I cannot play on otherwise.
Adam3796 on Sep 6, 2014 for version 1.61
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Level 10 not passable
Level 10 breaks the rest of the game. Please update and fix.
Kurokage hashimoto on Aug 29, 2014 for version 1.61
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Level 10 broken
I see very old reviews reporting that level 10 simply doesn't work on some devices. That is still true for my iPod 4 running iOS 6. When I restart the app, the on-screen button is green, but the door remains closed. This bug effectively blocks the rest of the game.
J puzzle guy on Aug 26, 2014 for version 1.61
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100 exits
The game is challenging but some solutions are so obscure it is frustrating. Even with the help of cheats the screen is sometimes non responsive.
Dongo12345 on Aug 25, 2014 for version 1.61
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Great game!
Very puzzling and good pastime but level 10 should be compatible with Assistive Touch. Otherwise, the app is a great one!
Bittten on Aug 22, 2014 for version 1.61
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Fun but...
It's really fun and all, but it has a few drawbacks and problems. The updates take WAYYYYYYYYY too long to come out. I deleted this game a while ago because the last update was around Christmas time. Also, the hidden exits don't even do anything! These are just my problems and other people have different problems. Please fix them!
Flubbergusterly on Aug 6, 2014 for version 1.6
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