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Gotcha style questions are not what students need
As an elementary school English as a second language teacher, I find that many of Mobile Education Stores' apps are great! This one, however, proved to be only moderately useful. The best part of the app is the funny, short cartoons the children watch to see a sequence of events on which they will be questioned. The questions however can be too tricky and in a kind of, "gotcha" style, such that I, the teacher, even sometimes miss the nuance that's required to find the correct answer. I bought this rather expensive app because I wanted my students to practice using the correct verb tense. I'd like them to figure out, for example, whether you say, "I goed to the store" vs., "I went to the store." Or, "I went to the store yesterday, " vs., "I went to the store tomorrow." This app shows a picture from the cartoon, for example, a man holding a remote control pointed at the TV. If the student chooses, "The man is watching TV," the answer would be incorrect because the student didn't notice that in the picture the TV isn't yet on, so the answer should be, "The man will watch TV." This is nit picky and takes a lot of teaching time to direct the students to noticing the level of detail in the pictures instead of the more useful attention to the correct use of language. It targets language that my younger students (K-2) need to work on, but the gotcha questions are not age appropriate.
They love it! on Jul 29, 2013 for
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Great app!
I love the way it explains the targeted tense when the child chose the incorrect picture. This is GREAT for any therapist or parent!!!
Zeta speaks on Mar 8, 2013 for
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Great for special ed classroom
I am using this app with my 4th/5th grade behavior-disorder students. Teaching verb tenses is usually not greeted with enthusiasm by any student, but especially not by students with behavior disorders. My students love this app -- they like watching the movies and recording themselves saying the sentences. Level 2 where they have to drag the correct verb tense into the sentence is good practice for assessments that measure this grammar skill.
Beth678 on Nov 27, 2012 for
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Tense Builder is a great, fun way to work on a skill that can be rather dull. My students are really enjoying the movies, especially the humor in them, and they think they're playing a game. The choose your own verbs option is helpful also.
SLPNTR on Sep 25, 2012 for
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Been waiting for this !
And it did not disappoint! Funny, engaging, great instructions for parents, teachers and speech-language pathologists! I love the 2 levels and the flexibility of use! I've needed this to teach verb tense in a fun way!
Janslp on Sep 23, 2012 for
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A Must Have App for SLPs
This beautifully done app really gets at different verb tenses through colorful and entertaining animations that accurately depict the various tenses. In the settings menu you are able to precisely select the skills you want to work on and how they are presented. I have used it from elementary aged students, including ASD, to middle school language impaired students. This is such a value considering the quality, versatility, and volume of students that can benefit from it. Mobile Education Store has done it again!
iPad SLP on Sep 17, 2012 for
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