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Well i thought it would be fun but it needs more  and its but its not  i die really easy and its not ok after a while you should be able to eat  and drink  for health
Boohoo775 on Oct 4, 2011 for Zombie Wonderland
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This is highly addictive! I didn't give it 5 stars because I had to fill this out when I'm tryin' to shoot zombies.
Kaethom on Aug 8, 2011 for Zombie Wonderland
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I would give it 's but i want an update. U should have a shop or something to buy upgrades. Fun though.
_Wookie_Sauce_ on Aug 4, 2011 for Zombie Wonderland
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Great fun!!!
Never boring!!
Killa Wills on Jul 30, 2011 for Zombie Wonderland
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Zombie fight done right
It's extremely fun but the top two all time zombie games are cod: zombies and left for dead but if your looking for cheap zombie fighting fun buy this another fun zombie game is Plants vs. Zombies but that's in a different category than, this cod: zombies and, left for dead. One thing I would like to see is more maps.
Dragonslayer1030 on Jul 17, 2011 for Zombie Wonderland
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5 reasons not to buy this game
1. This game gets to hard, too fast. The 2nd level is so hard. And after the second level it gets harder. You end up playing the same level so many times that you just give up. 2. The zombies are stupid. You have to shoot them 5 time before they die and you can only shoot once every 2 seconds. The zombies animation and powers are ridiculous. There are only 2 animation frames for zombies. That is only 2 pictures repeating themselves over and over again. The powers zombies are bad. All Grannies do are scream at a window. They dont even hurt you unless you are next to them. Who ever created the grannies needs to try a little harder. The flamies are too easy to beat. A Too easy boss in a too hard game. That's wonderful. The names are even worse. All they did was add an -ies to all of them. Grannies, greenies, flamies. I didn't even get to big zombie yet because this game is so hard! 3. I hate the characters. Aunt lily has a zombie infested house and the redneck guy is risking his life to make the zombies go away and is asking him she is asking to keep her house clean? Joe says that he some customers who were zombies. So what? It's not like they ate his brains or anything. So instead of letting them be, he calls the redneck to shoot with his shotgun, who he calls Betsy. And if you hear what they say, you will think you are watching Barney or some other baby show. Every time a granny appears, he goes "Oh, no. granny!!!" and when there is goo on the floor, "what a mess, I gotta clean this place up." and when there are flamies, "watch out! Flamies.". 4. It has a bad story. there zombie infested city and people decide to live there. It would be 1 thing if it was a zombie infested house building. But no, it's an entire city. That people actually live in and have happy lives. And the only zombie exterminator in the city does it by himself. If this were real, there would at least 5 more guys helping him. 5. Not fun. The pictures look fun, but still, not fun. Including With the 4other things about this game that are lame, this game is terrible.
SebastianAllenGoldthwait on Jul 8, 2011 for Zombie Wonderland
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