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iphone 5
please update for iPhone 5 (update for the big screen)
DJCANSER on Oct 3, 2012 for version 1.3.1
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Epic failure
If you are black do not waste your time on this app.
Mr T Evans on Sep 27, 2012 for version 1.3.1
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Colossal failure!
Can not register. This is my response to their pathetic attempt at excuse making customer service. Just a business tip- based on the "free marketing blitz" you had by being featured on at least 2 NYC news shows ( perhaps it was more) you really should have expected and been prepared for a ton interest and HUGE number of downloads. It's a great idea and I'm sure everyone who saw NY1 or whichever channel- most likely ran as I did - to DL this new app to help solve the NYC taxi nightmare. I've seen other reviews by customers having the exact same problems I've had. Seriously- you knew this launch was going to be huge and you absolutely should have expected "high user registration" and made efforts to avoid "service provider limitations" I call this " failure to launch" properly Just some free advice. Do with it what you will. NO RESPONSE EVER RECEIVED.
LucyVanPelt666 on Sep 5, 2012 for version 1.3.1
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Awful idea
Spoke to a driver about this. He said while the noob drivers are getting fender benders and hitting people while fumbling with their phones trying to use this app, he'd rather just cruise and not get a summons from the NY TLC or NYPD. And as a driver, he won't pay $15 or $20 for the driver-required App. If you happen to get a driver using this app, you have yourself a risky driver behind the wheel. Good luck with that.
NotSoFastMrProgrammer on Sep 4, 2012 for version 1.3.1
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Annoying app
Clunky typing.....slow! They never send the email why put something out that does not work or the support server is not up to speed. How am I supposed to get the email? Ashamed of you apple app nazis for letting this out look at the reviews!!!
Th mack on Sep 2, 2012 for version 1.3.1
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e-mail confirmation
You have to register with the app and reply to an e-mail confirmation to use the app. The e-mail confirmation never comes. I've been waiting weeks now. I've asked them several times to re-send the confirmation. It still never came. Tired of waiting. This app will be deleted. Poor customer service.
Felice Luca on Aug 17, 2012 for version 1.3.1
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Still waiting for confirmation email
nachony on Aug 15, 2012 for version 1.3.1
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Not ready for prime time...
How can you launch an app, run a huge PR campaign and not test it first? The makers of Zab Kab have no problem doing that. I'm STILL waiting for the email to confirm my account. I've requested it several times now and still no email. The app is rendered useless until the account is confirmed. So I have yet to try it. A much better, well established FIVE STAR FREE app is ÜBER. They get you black cars, SUVs, etc at the push of a button and it works FLAWLESSLY. It's my favorite app on the iPhone. There are thousands of cars available on the Über network. And it's in several US cities and London. And you ride in class...
Skeery Jones on Aug 13, 2012 for version 1.3.1
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Still waiting on my email...
Morgans73 on Aug 12, 2012 for version 1.3.1
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Can't Register
This is a great idea, but unfortunately when I attempted to d/l the app when it first launched, it didn't send the email required for me to complete registration. I've tried several times since, but the email never arrives. This bug needs to be fixed.
saturnchick on Aug 11, 2012 for version 1.3.1
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