XM SkyDock: XM/Sirius.... but not for Sirius?! Review

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XM/Sirius.... but not for Sirius?!
WOW, thanks Sirius, a device that only works with XM... just genius! What can your loyal Sirus subscribers look forward too?? What I love about this company is how clear the marketing strategy is... I should cancel my Sirius and stick with Pandora like the rest of the world, until you guys can figure out how to live in the modern age. No matter how good this app and hardware is, it's useless to me.
aajw on Nov 2, 2009 for XM SkyDock
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XM Skydock is the Real Deal
I bought a skydock for my wife as a suprise since she has an iphone and is totally tired of regular radio. I found it very easy and quick to install - and I'm slow at everything! My wife didn't know about the product, so it was cool that when I revealed it installed in her car, she was pleasantly shocked to find that it was her iphone that would control the radio, and that it would charge her iphone as she drove, and that she could play other music through the built-in fm broadcaster (like her itunes music, pandora, whatever). The app itself is very well designed and slick to use like everything else on the iphone. I installed the dock on a 2005 Toyota Corolla, and using a credit card was easily able to tuck the cord (for the magnetic receiver that goes on the roof) underneath the weather strip that's just above the top and then around to the side of the front windshield. Then I ran it inside the car, down the side of the dash, and underneath the passenger foot rug and into the skydock that's plugged into the power port of the car so that it doesn't affect the clean look of the car. My only small gripe would be that the cord was of a length that I had to place the magnet on the roof favoring the passenger side. When I placed it in the middle, I did not have enough cord to run the perfect path I described above. The nice thing about it, though, is that I didn't have a ton of extra cord to figure out what to do with :-) Sound quality is just as good if not better than my xm radio in my other vehicle (by the way, XM gives a discount on your package if you have two radios). I have heard no satellite radio that produces CD quality sound, (I have a picky ear) so you do have to deal with some hissing S sounds, especially on the talk radio. No doubt the audio is heavily compressed to make sure throughput is not an issue, and in that respect, reception is great on both my satrads. We deal with very little buffering ever. I guess for many like me, the great content of XM (we have the family friendly version of XM Everything - having CNBC and CNN on the road is so cool! - don't forget you can save a buck on your subscription if you go family friendly - it just strips out a few stations that clean ears would never listen to anyway) overshaddows the compromise in sound quality because if you're looking for pristine sound quality, you might want to get out of the car. (I have to confess, though, that I keep hoping that someday XM ramps up the bit rate of their broadcast, but my wife and I are very happy as-is even if they don't). I whole-heartedly recommend the app and SkyDock and XM!
I can't believe my husband got me an iphone on Nov 2, 2009 for XM SkyDock
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Sure, almost any app could be improved but this works perfectly for me. Sound and functionality much better than my clunky old XM radio. I use it with a cassette adapter (2000 vehicle lol) and it sounds great. Can play anything else on the iPod through it and charges while connected.
Tndefender on Nov 1, 2009 for XM SkyDock
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Picked this up today! Amazing works better than my old xm radio, I can listen to other apps while plugged into the dock, I could go on. I haven't wanted to be the first on my block with technology for awhile, this app and hardware made me jump!
Kfitznersuperstar on Oct 30, 2009 for XM SkyDock
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Doesn't play in the background.
This is a great app; my only wish is that it could play in the background while I use a GPS navigator or other app, like iTunes will do. I know this is an Apple thing, but switching back and forth between the two is annoying (Iike missing the end of a good Ron and Fez bit), and could be considered dangerous. Apple should make exceptions to allow background streaming, and this is one app that deserves an exception.
yeez52 on Oct 30, 2009 for XM SkyDock
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The SkyDock is very cool!
I have had the SkyDock installed since Tuesday and am very happy with it's performance so far. The FM modulator does a decent job of getting a clean signal to the car radio. It is very cool to be able to run PocketTunes, WunderRadio and the phone's iPod as well as XM off the same cradle. Through the FM modulator the XM music channels sound better from the SkyDock than my old roady xt. Songs played off the iPod and Internet streams have more artifacts such as flanging than when listening off of the earbuds or when plugged into my Teac iPod dock/HD clock radio. Two small technical issues. I have come across is some inconsistant behavior when you first connect the iPhone to the SkyDock cradle. Sometimes the cradle automatically powers up and sometimes you have to use the power button to turn it on. The phone also bounces around a bit when the vehicle is in motion. Not a real functional issue, just a bit of an irritant. If I had to do it all over again, I would still buy the SkyDock. A great addition to my vehicle!
I love the Z! on Oct 29, 2009 for XM SkyDock
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