XM SkyDock: Works fine for me, using proper technique. Review

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Works fine for me, using proper technique.
Back when I was using Version 1.13, a problem developed where the app would not load and displayed a cryptic error message. Reloading the app did not help. The solution for that was to do a hard reboot of the iPod by holding down the on/off button on the edge of the unit unti it shuts off, then continuing to hold down the button until the reset menu displays. Then do the reset. Back up your data before you do this. The reset from the internal menu did not fix the problem, so use the on/off switch to reset it. The upgrade to Version 2.1.8 has been without problems, but maybe a hard reset of the iPod could solve problems with this version, too. . Here is a hint to prevent the problem where the iPod doesn't detect the SkyDock or the app boots up slowly: Before powering down the SkyDock radio, switch out of the SkyDock app by returning to the iPod's main menu screen. Then shut off the SkyDock and the iPod. The SkyDock app has an easier time initalizing if it wasn't running when the unit was powered down. Works for me. Good luck.
DiscoPete on Nov 27, 2011 for XM SkyDock
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Sky dock works for me
After removing the case and installing the new spacer, the app loaded and works great with my iPhone 4s. Of course now I am either putting the case on and off every time I get in the car or not using the case. I hooked up the direct cable to my radio and the sound is perfect. So much better to see the big screen go the phone instead of the old clunky hardware mounted on the dash.
nickhorner on Nov 26, 2011 for XM SkyDock
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iOS 5 issues?
Is anyone else having issues? Since updating my 3GS to iOS 5 and 5.0.1, about 75% of the time I get an "accessory not compatible" error when plugging in. I don't know if this is iOS 5 related or if my dock is going bad. I never had this problem prior to iOS 5.
Vid_fan on Nov 16, 2011 for XM SkyDock
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Awesome I love it doesn't use my data like pandora great buy very happy
sipergts on Nov 14, 2011 for XM SkyDock
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Great app
I bought the dock and installed the app. Everything works great with the exception of using the radio frequency to listen to satellite radio. I will be finding an alternative solution to get a cleaner connection but other than that I think it's great!
Usrem on Oct 28, 2011 for XM SkyDock
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Inadequate Phone and or Bluetooth Solution
I have only one auxilliary connector in my car and I was very excited at the prospect of being able to use it to push satellite, GPS, and phone audio through it while driving. Unfortunately this is not the solution i thought it was going to be. The biggest problem is that Phone audio does not get pushed through the dock. This simple firmware update that Audiovox refuses to make, would make me a much safer driver. Also the fact that Audiovox is ignoring many state laws requiring drivers to have a hands free solution of some type is really disconcerting. Clearly they are just being lazy here but to what end. If this item was advertised as a fully functioning car dock that also handled phone calls it would greatly increase the sales of the unit, I had a feeling when purchasing that there would be problems, but I needed a dock for my iphone and also a sirius radio. I have owned a kensington liquid aux for years that i used with a blackberry, it worked relatively well but would have issues handling the sirius bb app and then switching over to navigation audio, this was ultimately a blackberry issue. However since XM Skydock does not have an option to push audio over bluetooth I can't use it in conjunction with the liquid aux adapter unless I buy a third party bluetooth a2dp adapter. it's a completely unneccesary solution. Can you just give us the option to take calls through the sky dock, or output audio via bluetooth. Right now the only option in the settings for the sky dock is to reset to factory settings. That's absolute nonsense I should have more control over the product I purchased.
MeImine on Oct 23, 2011 for XM SkyDock
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