XM SkyDock: Great Device, App does the job BUT... Review

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Great Device, App does the job BUT...
I can't believe they charged me $15 dollars to change my radio. When did this start? They didn't charge me the last time I got a new receiver! Two things that would make this combo app/device/service perfect. 1. Make the radio (which is in the dock not the phone) continue to play when the app is closed, or even if the phone is removed. If I understand this setup correctly this should not be a 'no apps in background' issue, the SAT Radio is in the Dock, the phone just acts as the tuner. I don't like not being able to call and pwn Cspan guest on my morning drive to work. k] 2. Add a feature that let's me record for later playback like my current radio does. Other than that the thing is great! Props to the engineers who designed the dock, I've owned 3 belkins and 1 tune flex and this is by FAR the best one, it's worth the $120 without the sat radio just for the dock. You'll still need the app to set you FM jammer on it though. But the app is free and you can get to the FM xmitter settings w/o a subscription. *update* Still love the app and the dock. Thanks for the update that allows for record/playback! But what's up? iOS4 is out and no multitasking function from you guys? Pandora is kicking your but! This is a big deal. I'd be surprised if 99% of the consumers of this app/product were not GREATLY anticipating this feature and you dropped the ball by missing a deadline you've known about for months. You guys are a big boy company. Start acting like one. *Update 2* Took long enough but it is here. MULTITASKING AT LAST. Although I've been less than impressed with XM and may not renew my contract because of the XM premium app that they want more money for, this app now does everything I wanted it to. The one addition I'd like to see is album artwork for tracks playing. It even continues to play during phone calls which as far as I know, no other apps do. Great job app developers! XM themselves can still kiss my butt.
Ratamaq on Sep 12, 2010 for XM SkyDock
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Great App! Please add Retina!!!
Works on iPhone 4 with no problems. The ability to tag more songs would be great too. The software is very fast at switching stations. Much faster than any other XM radio I have seen. The pause feature was a great addition in the last update. Thanks XM!
Kevin Barnett Jr on Sep 10, 2010 for XM SkyDock
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Multi-Tasking is here
Finally multi-tasking is here. Now I can use my motion x gps while listening to xm. However, the volume doesn't go down on the radio by itself when the gps speaks. I would like to see that happen. Also, it is very difficult to find a case that I can leave on the phone and use the skydock. The issues is that it doesn't sit tight on the plug and connect properly.
Hawkman123 on Sep 9, 2010 for XM SkyDock
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Multitasking works great with IOS 4.1
I just upgraded to IOS 4.1 on my iPod Touch 2g, and to SkyDock 2.1.8. The multitasking works great once it updated the SkyDock firmware. Note that you might not want to be driving when you do the upgrade, since it puts up an explanation of how to use the multitasking once the firmware upgrade completes. I pulled over into a parking lot so I could read it safely. To Hawkman123 - I use the Power Support Air Jacket case on my iPod Touch 2g and it fits fine into the dock. Also, have you tried changing the insert size to work with your case?
agm53 on Sep 9, 2010 for XM SkyDock
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Multitasking is here. Update now
Finally we can listen to music and use other apps!!!!!!!
Charles Bennett on Sep 9, 2010 for XM SkyDock
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Agree with the masses
I must agree, XM/Sirius is doing a TERRIBLE job with this application. Here is how it could be EASILY improved: 1) Multitasking/4.1 iOS compatibility. I'd like to access the map or another application without killing the radio. 2) Add more button pages. Currently, you are limited to only 11 presets (one is locked into XM Previews, ugh). Why not allow multiple pages of presets if satellite sells itself on the plethora of content/stations available to you? Even better, let is label each page such as "Talk, Sports, etc." and have a full set of presets per page. 3) Quick Access to "Go To" channel by number. XM runs ads for other stations, but the XM SkyDock doesn't allow for easy navigation to these advertised stations. 4) Big button mode. Trying to read the screen and tap the correct button can be a real safety issue. How about (using multiple pages of buttons) a mode that uses fewer but larger buttons that are easier to navigate while driving? Anyway, those are my thoughts.
AppleFan1715 on Sep 8, 2010 for XM SkyDock
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