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Could be great!
I have only used the app for a couple weeks, but echo the other reviews that recommend more favorite presets and the ability to play in the background. Another thing that would help is to make it easier to edit tagged items. There is no way to delete a tagged item, as far as I can see. Otherwise, it has potential. I just hope I don't tire of XM before the app gets upgraded!
Tedster07 on Jan 7, 2010 for XM SkyDock
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Worth it for the dock alone
These reviews are supposed to be for the skydock app, but it's hard to differentiate between the dock and the app as they rely on one another. Free app aside, the dock is worth the price regardless of whether you actually sign up for XM. It holds the iPhone conveniently in the car, powers it, and best of all, provides an XM transmitter. Because the transmitter uses the electrical system of the car instead of just transmitting, it appears to work much better than any FM transmitter -- at least all that I've tried. And it works with iPod, AOL radio, Pandora, Slacker, Last.fm, etc. Fairly tidy setup to have your charged phone at arms reach and all your music sources in one place. Cost is maybe $20 more than FM transmitters that don't really work well (Kensington) and don't charge my phone. Application Specific Observations - Good: * I'm new to XM radio but the Skydock app seems very user friendly. Station tuning is immediate and the app is very responsive. Application navigation is very intuitive. Well done. Application Observations - Not so good: * Apple's policy of not allowing multi-tasking hurts. If this app is open, you can't make outgoing calls. You can receive calls and the app will restart where it left off after the call, but only if you don't remove the phone from the connector. This is an Apple issue. * Not sure why, but the phone does NOT play through the device's PowerConnect FM transmitter. Everything else does (iPod, Pandora, Slacker, Last.fm, etc.) If the phone also played through, depending on the sensitivity of the mic in the iPhone, there would be no need for Bluetooth in the car. Potential update? * My iPhone occasionally gets confused and inhibits the "disable Auto-lock" feature from working. Not sure if it's MS Exchange integration or what but after receiving an SMS txt or phone call, the phone will lock after my timeout period regardless of what the application settings are for Disable Autolock. Not a deal breaker, but frustrating. Improves my driving by not distracting me though ;^) * All configuration of the app has to be done while connected to the dock, with a valid antenna connection and powered -- favorites, config, etc. That makes sense since the radio itself is in the dock, but is a pain. Adding some ability to do offline configuration would be nice.
LarryG13 on Jan 7, 2010 for XM SkyDock
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Can't Fix Stupid
Once you purchase the SkyDock you still have to purchase a membership to XM.... up to $15.00/month...... ?????? The price is way too high considering I'm using my iPhone as the receiver...... I'm already paying $30.00/month for the data plan. Even though I have 2 Sirius accounts they want me to open an account with XM......??????? That makes no sense at all.... no way...... Don't waste your time/money purchasing the SkyDock/App. I'm taking back the SkyDock and deleting the App.
BigMacOne on Jan 6, 2010 for XM SkyDock
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App great. Dock is Junk
Love the app. I've been a Sirius subscriber since 2002. When the app came out for XM I bought the dock and added a separate xm account to try it out in my Jeep. 1st dock broke at the mount/arm 12 minutes into test drive. I returned it to Crutchfield (they rock) and they gave me another the next day. 2nd dock has a short in the adjustable arm (wiring runs through the arm.) I returned the 2nd dock and canceled xm subscription. Good thing I hadn't canceled my 7yr Sirius subscription!
Bzerk McDizzle on Jan 6, 2010 for XM SkyDock
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Awesome app
Ok I was a long time Sirius subscriber and loved everything about it. The skydock came out and I bought it. Switched cell phone providers ( verizon useless to AT&T). Cancelled my Sirius sub. Subscriber to XM and have never been happier. I love this phone and this app. It is a must have For sat radio listeners. I am so excited about it I may never by a new car because then the skydock will be useless with a intergreted radio. Lol
Islandboy99 on Jan 4, 2010 for XM SkyDock
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One of the best apps!
This is by far one of the best apps available. Works well and gives you Howard Stern through your iPhone. Xm subsrription with the best of Sirius and you get Howard in the car with iPhone that you could take from car to car. Could win Consumer Electronics best auto audio equiptment award.
Phathamblaster on Jan 3, 2010 for XM SkyDock
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