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Installed because listed as premium type app "gone free". Well it's a LIE! It is a limited use/function version. To get full features you are forced to pay. DISHONEST! DELETED!
BarryNYC on Apr 5, 2015 for version 2.0
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Dodgy Since iOS 8
I have had this app since it first came out. I love it. However, since iOS 8 was issues, it has become dodgy. I am finding two problems that have made it very frustrating to use: Lack of Sensitivity to Touches -Often, I have to press several times to initiate the word to go into the flex mode -Very often, I have to press multiple times to get a definition to expand. Sometimes I can't get it to expand at all. It's as if the screen is not sensing the touch. [Please note, I have two iPads. One is an original Air from last year, the other is a brand new Air 2. The problems described here occur with both of them. I did not have this problem with iOS 7. It started the very same day AFTER I upgraded to iOS 8] Closing Down of the Active Screen When I leave the app (not shutting it down, just swiping to another screen or going home and selecting another app, then coming back, the app now closes the open diagram and takes me back to search. Before, it opened up back where it was originally when you leave it as active. The closing of the active screen is irritating. The lack of sensitive issue is debilitating and makes the app considerably less useful. I have sent an email to the Developers and am awaiting his response.
ihatenicknames99 on Dec 11, 2014 for version 1.2
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Slow Motion Thesaurus
I've used this app maybe a month. The content is excellent, except it's sometimes not easy to locate a word's unique definition. Worse, this app is overly concerned with aesthetics. Every time you look up a word, it will start an absurdly-slow "explosion," in which various stems branch out one by one. My lord, hurry up already! That said, this app's ok to use now and then, but not when you edit a lot and want to work quickly.
B-Grade on Aug 29, 2014 for version 1.2
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This app is pretty, but somewhat annoying to use. Type in a word and first you have to tap on the word you just typed amongst a list of near spellings to launch the actual dictionary mode (the thinking apparently being that you will most likely be too stupid to correctly type the word you want to look up). Once in dictionary mode, you get the much advertised branches, but they're all closed, including the definition. Yes I understand that this is meant to encourage exploration, and that you can then use auto-expand to open all the branches. But geez, when I look up a word, I think you can pretty much assume that I want to know the definition without having to go "exploring" for it. I like exploring the derivations, archaic uses etc., but I don't want to have to explore just to get the definition. There needs to be some kind of preference setting to "always show definition" and another to "always auto-expand."
Kr11048 on Sep 26, 2012 for version 1.1
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Regretting the purchase- extremely limited capabilities
I thought all words were interconnected and was wrong. It does show you synonyms, but that's where it stops. I thought it can be a continuous learning experience, much like Wikipedia, where you can keep on clicking for hours. Here, you will get the defintion and synonyms, but can't click on those synonyms to see their def and syn's. Very limited and not worth the steep price tag.
Xendula on Aug 26, 2012 for version 1.1
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For writers, MEH; it's not a thesaurus
I thought this would be a great writing tool, BUT ALAS, you don't have the ability to look up the words generated by your word. WordFlex markets itself as a dictionary, but it isn't -- and the definitions provided are thin...Basically if you buy this, you're paying for a Word Tree, a kind of abstruse, expensive, fun to look at, but ultimately useless app.
dbw61 on Aug 25, 2012 for version 1.1
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High hopes but not enough
Had high hopes for this app. The easy to use interface was most compelling, but the lack of functional uses makes it not worth the money. For example, I was looking for synonyms for the word "sarcastic," but Wordflex returned only a very basic definition and no thesaurus words. This was disappointing given the price for this app. Where's the beef?
Rocket on Aug 19, 2012 for version 1.1
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Did not get the 50% discount.
I downloaded Wordflex' app on August 1, 2012, and was charged $11.99. That means I did not receive the 50% off as it advertise promotion says "Now 50% OFF for the new school year." Either that or the $11.99 is already discounted? I sent an email to them and yet waiting for their reply. Wordflex has very positive review from people who have downloaded it. I think the app is very creative and visual. However, right now I feel a little bit being cheated by its advertisement. I was going to give it a four star rating (not quite five star, but still a good app), but now I give it a three rating.
eldridgejohnson on Aug 1, 2012 for version 1.1
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