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This is the end all. Been using it a few days and each use my preset list grows with new and useful sounds. It is so easy to become a sound designer and lots of fun too. Ez 5 stars plus. If you like the entire spectrum of synth sounds and effects this is a must have,fits in any musical environment . Thanks
Jaxziel on Jun 5, 2013 for WaveMapper
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A Modern Masterpiece
While far too many synthesizer designers wallow in past glories and comfortably familiar designs, Wolfgang Palm continues to look to the future with new ideas, approaches and sounds. Yes, WaveMapper has a famous pedigree, and like PPG's previous iOS instrument, WaveGenerator, it bears some sonic resemblence to PPG's groundbreaking Wave (table) synthesizers of the 1980s. However, those instruments were as unusual in their day as WaveMapper is today, and for many of the same reasons, not least being because they break with the common trend toward analogue subtractive synthesis, with its handful of simple waveforms. In much the same way, so too did Palm's Plex, which, as my old friend x_bruce has noted in his review, also informs the design of this new and exciting instrument. Plex was largely (and unfairly) ignored upon release, perhaps because it was ahead of its time, arriving in an industry clamoring for the Holy Grail of analogue emulation. Thankfully, today's electronic musicians are interested in new sounds as well as old and WaveMapper can provide exactly that, and with little effort or knowledge required of the user. That isn't to say that the instrument isn't capable of deep programmability - it is. Yet even the greenest of neophytes can drag icons around the Mapping screen and achieve interesting results. And while it's true that WaveMapper employes many standard subtractive functions (like a resonant filter), its oscillators are rooted firmly in the digital realm, drawing upon an entirely new method of creating and manipulating wavetables. Better still, you can bring your own samples in and subject them to WaveMapper's many wonders. All of the usual parameters you'd expect are here, too: ring modulation, LFOs and a whopping thirteen envelope generators, plus delay effects and a nifty arpeggiator, and MIDI I/O, too. Audiobus is supported, as is a full ten minutes of recording time and AudioCopy, so you'll be able to move your work around your iPad's other apps. Wolfgang Palm may not be as well known as Moog or Buchla, but he deserves to be held in equal regard. His PPG Waves were astonishing instruments and are beloved by many even today. They defined the modern era of sound synthesis, even if many people never knew it - wavetable synthesis is everywhere, though often in a diluted form. When it remains true to Palm's original intent, it can be very powerful indeed (think Microwave, Blofeld, even Access Virus if you must), but when it is taken even further, as it has been in WaveMapper, it can produce breathtaking results. I for one am thrilled to see Mr. Palm back in the game and supporting this (relatively) new platform. Hundreds of synths have passed through my hands, but few have continued to inspire me like my Wave 2.2/Waveterm combo. Doubtlessly WaveMapper will become equally indispensible. It's almost ridiculous that you can get this much sonic power for twenty bucks. Assuming there's any sense left in the world, WaveMapper might just represent the sound of the future.
Scot Solida on Apr 16, 2013 for WaveMapper
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The sounds are amazing!
Now this is a 21st Century synth! Wavemapper sounds like an Access Virus. Sounds are beautiful, fat, and original.
The Organist on Apr 15, 2013 for WaveMapper
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Best iOS synth. First true 21st century synth.
I have just about every synth app. This one blows them all away. I mean the feature set is ridiculous but OTOH if you just want to play with presets or don't know anything about synthesis it's still the greatest. It sounds PHENOMENAL. With headphones or speakers plugged in it is astonishing. It is also _hands down_ the greatest value of the iOS synths too. Some features worth mentioning even though you may have read about them in the description: - You can load your own samples and use them as waveforms. - Built in recorder. Most synths don't have this or charge extra. This is doubly important because you can record yourself playing a patch and then USE THAT RECORDING AS A ROOT. A root program is a source in ppg parlance (like sawtooth, triangle, square, noise etc). - Comprehensive midi implementation. The best I have used. Provides for midi in AND out. Most others don't or charge extra. - Very useful arpeggiator which is more like a sequencer really. - Envelopes up tha wazoo. Much like crystal in this respect. - Ring modulation, very nice filter, multiple noise sources with different color, distortion (or drive). - Echo and Delay. Really, really well done and not cheesy or gimmicky like some others. These are the worth running other synths through! - Very nice way of organizing/browsing presets. Visual and deep. - COMPREHENSIVE, INTEGRATED HELP SYSTEM not web based so you can use it offline. - Best keyboard implementation. Animoog is prettier but wavemapper is better and offers more control. - Zero knobs. Why would you put knobs on a touchscreen synth? Much more useful sliders with gross and fine control. I could go on. Watching Wolfgang's intro videos pushed me over the edge to purchase an ipad and I can say this app delivered. The only criticism I have is the way the modulation routing and envelopes are all on different tabs. I think I'd prefer an NI absynth type organization where you have one page for all the different envelopes. A separate tab for a modulation matrix would also be a bit more intuitive. You need this.
G e r e m y on Mar 19, 2013 for WaveMapper
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Wolfgang Palm invented wave table synthesis and he's still making waves today with his second iOS synth. WaveGenerator was closer to a port of his prior concepts, but WaveMapper really takes advantage of the iPad's touch interface to provide an awesome experience. Drag around icons representing the 3 oscillators, filter, amp, noise, and each takes on the character of the sound source it's covering (string instruments, voices, traditional synt oscillators). Great thing about this app is that for someone experienced wave table or subtractive synthesis it provides a ton of depth, but it's simultaneously a great instrument for my kids, who are just learning the fun of sound design.
John in MA on Mar 17, 2013 for WaveMapper
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Very Nice!
This is a masterpiece of an app. It's sound is rich and complex. I put it on par with my other favorite apps (Animoog and Alchemy). I am glad to see that Poly-Presure is recognized and sent. I hope to see more soft synths and midi sequencers support it in the future. There are a couple of inexpensive poly-pressure keyboards (CMI X-Key and KMI Qu-Nexus) coming out on the market soon and should work very well with synths that support poly-pressure. I believe my money was well spent!
BobGately on Mar 7, 2013 for WaveMapper
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