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I love the player who destroy my base
Saiphonkham on Jan 13, 2013 for version 1.3
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Give this a try
EDIT: so I wrote the below review just 4 hours ago. Now my level has been reset to 1 (I was level 16). I lost all of my stockpiled supplies. But oddly enough I still have all of my buildings and men. I don't get it. But that's ok - I'll just email the developer and get it taken care of....BUT NO. go to the developer website if you have the time and see if you can get help anywhere. Clearly this level clearing issue is a problem (another guy posted that on here) so hopefully they get this crap fixed. Original review posted merely hours before my game profile reset: I think no one is reviewing this game in anticipation of the developers offering rewards for reviews in the future (one of those "review now and get in-game currency!" kinda things). Anyways the game is fun, detailed and fairly deep but it is unfinished. Right now you only have 3 combat units you can build (and you can upgrade the normal infantry to make the sniper absolutely obsolete). There are no vehicles yet. There is a lot of strategy involved in the solo campaign, the attacking of other bases, and the construction of your base (here's a tip, buy the oceanside land first so you only have to defend 3 borders of your base). It's really quite fun. "War bonds" are the hot commodity for this game. You get them for each level you gain and some of the missions you complete. I haven't had to purchase them to be competitive in the game, so that's nice. The earlier review on here about the uranium is accurate - it is hard to get uranium. But you can "buy" some using the war bonds you've accumulated. Your base can always be attacked once you hit a certain level but your not punished if you are attacked. You'll come back to your base and the buildings will all be rubble but the projects you were pursuing were still completed and you'll still have all your gold, coins, war bonds etc. Literally the only repercussion for getting attacked is having to click "repair" on each destroyed building. You don't even lose the troops that may have been killed in the attack. Honestly, this makes it fun. Everyone wins, sure you got attacked but it's not game ruining for you and the attacker can still get some good loot. It really encourages strong base design to make your base too costly to attack. The recharge gauges are quick and as you level up you gain access to better resource collection. Of note: you'll start out with a crystal area in your base. You'll see other crystal areas on the map in the vicinity of your base, don't bother trying to get to them right now. Even if you save up the kajillion or so coins you would need to buy all that land, you can only build one of the crystal harvesters in this version. To wrap up: challenging but not punishing, enjoyable, and doesn't make you pay real $ to be competitive, but not as much unit variety as there appears to be (literally only common soldier, commando [think Tanya from command & conquer], and sniper). Ok developers there you go, I sacrificed my inevitable opportunity for in game currency to give a thorough, honest review....now please get us more content!
Angry NoDak on Dec 26, 2012 for version 1.3
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It was fun until I had to go back to lvl 1 even though I was lvl 10
Wiz Kirifa on Dec 20, 2012 for version 1.3
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Made me mad
I was a level 6 and I exited the app and then it made me a level 1 but I have all my stuff
Davidglasgow on Dec 17, 2012 for version 1.2
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Looks promising
This looks like a promising game but I cannot even play it because it crashes as soon as I click on it. Plz plz fix this.
Caribbean56Queen on Dec 16, 2012 for version 1.2
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Ok, I actually really liked this game and was forgiving of the crashing and the pop up error notices in Russian language, but I cannot forgive missions resetting when they're accomplished and resource farming progress resetting randomly. Also, I get that you need us to buy war bonds so you can fund your free game, I do... But when you make it so you have to buy a "special item" for everything you do that can either cost war bonds or hours to make at the start of the game, that tells me I'm going to spend a lot of money, or get bored waiting for farming to be done. Even crack dealers know that you give a little bit out for free first. One small set of missions with one type of unit is not enough to get me hooked.
MCoverKT on Dec 14, 2012 for version 1.2
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