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Slow, tedious, needs substantial improvements
A pretty poor app, in fact, it doesn't feel finished. In stark contrast to a proper app, this is very slow and control/interface is cumbersome at best. It looks good, but just isn't a helpful tool.
Munchezuma on Aug 20, 2012 for War Room
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A great disservice to Customers.
iBodger was a fantastic army building app that was shut down as not to compete with War Room. The problem is that this wretched app can't even compete with a common calculator. Sadly, the only thing this app is good for is serving as a warning for other devs to help them avoid alienating THEIR core customer base. Just awful...
Hugh O'neil on Aug 19, 2012 for War Room
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I had all kinds of issues when first installed. Started with crashes and then the deck I paid for disappeared! Kendall worked very hard on correcting this problem and now all is well. If you have a prob with this app just be patient and these guys will put it right for ya
Evil beetles on Aug 16, 2012 for War Room
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Improving, but list creation still painful
Many of the most egregious bugs have been fixed in this release. However, the app still feels slow, even on the new iPad (iPad3) and iPhone 4S. Overall, the UI shows a million concessions as a design-by-comittee approach collided with a one-size-fits-all cross-platform interface. Text regularly overlaps controls. The text entry is questionable at best as you type into both a nonstandard text field as well as a standard one that pops up atop the keyboard. Parts of the interface do not scroll where appropriate, so the keyboard covers up the fields you are entering text into. To get to the next field you must dismiss the keyboard, find the next field and continue on. The list building workflow is excruciating. The application does almost no filtering of available models beyond showing only your faction and mercenaries. The claim is to allow "free form" list building, but by eliminating some illegal list options (like other factions) and allowing others (adding mercenary 'jacks to a non-merc caster), it causes unnecessary confusion. Regardless of what was advertised, what users want is an application that will assist them with list building, not dumbly accept any nonsense you put in. PP wanted a one-and-done application and are unwilling to put in the effort to update the app for future changes that would be required by adding some list-building assistance. This is and will continue to be it's greatest failing. The card library may contain errors and it's important to double-check anything important, which really kills the concept of having the cards in your pocket. The Rule Reference section cannot be searched, you have to know the title you are looking for, which is inconvenient. Limitations to be aware of: -Army lists cannot be shared between devices. (Supposedly this will be coming in a future update.) -There is a limit of three devices per account. (Up from the original limit of 2) -It will do very little filtering/math for you. Theme forces that change point costs, for example will not be handled automatically. -You have to re-login every time the app is killed and relaunched, it apparently can't remember your password between launches. -At launch you suffer through three splash screens and then a loading screen.
MRRSoftware on Aug 16, 2012 for War Room
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Interface and Cost
Previous observation fixed: I can log on now. Only took 10 days. However, now I find that I cannot use this application. Without spending $7 minimum, this app does not even function as an army builder, let alone a game utility. That is not "free". Then consider the $7 per faction deck price point. $7 for faction decks that I bought once in 2002, once in 2006, and a third time in 2010. The last two times, these decks were $19 each. And this time, I won't even actually own them. Each deck should be $1 and stores on the device-- or free with a $20 price on the app.
Mister Plug on Aug 16, 2012 for War Room
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Needs improvement.
So far this app is not very good. It's slow it's buggy and it doesn't seem to want to cooperate. While I understand that my device may be part of the problem, it still doesn't explain why I can't even so much as make a list without the thing bugging out forcing me to close the app. So far I have only played with it and I will not purchase a single faction deck until the app is in better working condition.
Cyberpicke223 on Aug 16, 2012 for War Room
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