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Poor execution
The shine looks good but then using the app shows how dull it is. Seems app that lacked suitable QA from both Privateer Press and Tinkerhouse Games. List validation is non existent which is important to the basics of the game. Card pack purchases is required to build lists. Many errors on the cards of typos or wrong stats. Overall this is a not recommended buy until all the issues are worked out.
Knightdrake on Aug 7, 2012 for War Room
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Barely functional
Functions barely adequately as a (slow) card reference. It is tedious and practically useless as an army list builder (no validation, cluttered). Considering its $60 and is far worse than the free app they forced to shut down, I am as insulted as I am disappointed. I will be putting in a request for a refund.
AKof47 on Aug 7, 2012 for War Room
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Still can't touch iBodger
Very buggy. The list building utility is a joke. Theme forces are only implemented in spirit with no practical in app usefulness. Clunky interface. A sad day for PP
crybabygirl777 on Aug 7, 2012 for War Room
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Under deliver
Slow response time on iPad 1 and iPhone 4. Stat errors on cards. List construction error ( jr caster can't take jacks, units with marshal can't take jacks). As a reference tool, stat error means I can't trust the database. It would be easier to use the cards.
Bigtyctrdrestrduyh on Aug 7, 2012 for War Room
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Wow...it's pretty but it's extremely underwhelming. The UI has some serious shortcomings and the list building feature is subpar to say the least. I may not even invest any money into this after playing with the free portions.
Physnut on Aug 6, 2012 for War Room
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Not worth the wait, not worth the money, I miss iBodger even more now.
The only two things this app have going for it are 1) official status, and 2) it's pretty. It has plenty going against it. The UI is counter-intuitive, slow, and cosmetically confusing. It's cripple-ware: you can't build an army without owning cards for that faction. I had hoped that you could build armies galore, but not see cards to reference unless you purchased them. Nope. Prime and Primal are all you can play without spending money. There's no way to track your collection, let alone track the painted/unpainted state of your models. Face it, folks -- if you paint your armies, you probably spend at least as much time on that activity as you do rolling dice and marking damage. This app gives you no way to determine whether you're building a list out of painted models, or even building a list out of models you own. Privateer Press is a wonderful company to play games from. This app makes them look like rank amateurs. It's very disappointing. I had planned to shell out money for all the faction decks (I own over 500 models across seven factions), but I won't until the app is MUCH better. We waited so long for this sad installment, I'm afraid I don't trust the development team to improve the app anytime soon.
Howard Tayler on Aug 6, 2012 for War Room
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