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This app was great - the mainstay of my child's communication, until we downloaded the update. Now the words string together in the output window, as if they were not programmed with a space after them - as in the previous version. What happened?!
updatednohelp on Dec 12, 2013 for version 1.4.4
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Good. But backing up is really inconvenient.
A wonderful app but could be better. We would appreciate the ability to backup and retrieve our files via wifi (like Proloquo2go) or to a no cost server (like TalkTablet). We've found that iShare is cost prohibitive AND the file size limitation makes it impractical.
Little_AppGuy on Apr 7, 2013 for version 1.3.3
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Love it!
My Autistic son who has no speech has been using the app with his school Ipad 2 and now have purchased it for home use!
Blake FL on Jul 5, 2012 for version 1.2.3
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No sound!!
I have struggled with this app! No sound despite resetting my ipad2 and working through all the settings. I have emailed the developer and not received a reply! This is a waste of money and time!!!
NY education on Jun 21, 2012 for version 1.2.3
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Great gone wrong
I was thrilled when I found this app in its original version. I work with many students with a wide variety of disabilities and the ease of use of this app was very appealing. Because it is such an intuitive software, I recommended it to a number of families. I have been very disappointed in the current version. It freezes or crashes frequently and often does not respond to touch. The improvements in vocabulary and editability are promising but I'm having a hard time testing them out. I hope these problems can be worked out, or, can I return to the original version?
PT/AT on Sep 22, 2011 for version 1.1.0
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Hands down the BEST Augmentative and Alternative Communication App on the market!
I am the parent of a child with intellectual disabilities and my child has a significant communication impairment. I have closely looked at at every single AAC App on the market. And I have trialed many of the top portable AAC devices and iPad Apps through our local Easter Seals. If you are looking for an App with vocabulary choices that rival the big assistive technology developers and manufactures, costing many thousands of dollars, you have found it here. The renown SLP, Gail Van Tatenhove, created the vocabulary VocabPC, one of the terrific vocabularies found within the TouchChat App. It has an intuitive core vocabulary. And the two vocabulary levels of the WordPower App are brilliant. The two WordPower vocabularies have been created by the renown Nancy Inman, SLP. These highly respected SLPs and AAC experts & designers are the best in the field. Their vocabulary layouts are featured on the high-end devices produced by Saltillo, Prentke Romich, and Dynavox. The critical core vocabularies within these Apps are top-notch. There are other excellent vocabularies as well to meet the various needs of the users. In TouchChat there is also Primary vocabulary for young-minded users and MultiChat 15 for school-aged users. And there is a Spelling vocabulary using the qwerty keyboard with word prediction and some phrases. (The other vocabularies have word prediction in the keyboard button too.) My child has used these vocabularies and they are great. I really love the use of the Symbolstix icons for the vocabulary images They depict symbols with remarkable meaning. They are giving Boardmaker symbols a run for their money. News2you school-based curriculum, now being widely used across the country (and in my child's classroom), has adopted Symbolstix icons for their curriculum. Symbolstix is here to stay. Editing and customizing can be performed directly on the iPad or iPod and is very doable and useful but, I highly recommend purchasing the TouchChat Windows Editor software disc from the Silver Kite website. This editing software mirrors the vocabularies in the App. When on your computer screen it looks exactly the same as the screen on your Apple device. This editing software is a breeze to use. If you have any experience using Microsoft Windows to do any of your home or office computer work (documents or whatever) than you will already know what to do. And everyone I know who has spent time on a computer knows Microsoft. The great advantage with having TouchChat Windows Editor on your home or school computer, changes and editing can be done while your loved one has the iPad or iPod or while it's charging. The use of the computer keyboard makes things quick and smooth. Google Images can be easily loaded, stored photos are easily accessed, and editing and customizing goes fast. And your vocabulary is saved and transferable. One additional note: iShare for TouchChat is a in AAP purchase for $59 for a six-month subscription. iShare stores your vocabularies and pages through a wireless server. You can keep them private or share pages with others or use their shared pages. An iShare subscription is needed to transfer any of the modified or customized vocabulary from the iPad or iPod to the TouchChat Windows Editor. And if you have the WordPower vocabularies with the TouchChat they must be copied out of the Apple device into TouchChat Windows Editor using iShare in order for you to access them for editing using the TouchChat Windows Editor. The Help tab in the pull-down menu of the TouchChat Windows Editor has a step-by-step guide to walk you thru anything and everything. The guide is very easy to read and user friendly and can be printed to use at your side when editing. Silver Kite developer support for questions and concerns is fantastic and quick to respond with concise trouble shooting solutions. It is a small service-oriented company. Having a strong network of support in helping your loved-one use the device and vocabulary is essential for the user's success. Having your speech therapist, school staff, assistive technology consultant, and family involved in evaluating the user and choosing & implementing the vocabulary in the App is essential. Collaborate as much as possible. Plan and create goals to obtain success. Customize the vocabulary with photos of family or friends or pets. Using emotionally meaningful photos to supplement some of the stock images. Add favorite activities or shows using Google Images. Hook the user in by customizing with real photos here and there in the buttons that are highly personal. Add symbols to some core vocabulary words if it helps. Play with the vocabulary as if it were your own voice. Model using the vocabulary in front of your loved-one. It's like using a second language. The benefits are rewarding beyond description when your loved-one begins to string messages. Don't expect miracles. Just put the work in and you will see the payoff. Week after week, month after month, and remarkable progress happens. This App is amazing and can run with the big dogs of AAC. It is well worth the cost.
Mother Extraordinaire on Apr 11, 2011 for version 1.0.1
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Packs a Serious Punch!
Wow - This is the premiere AAC app, bar none. And the features just keep coming. To read a complete, detailed review of TouchChat as well as other 'autism apps' visit AutismEpicenter.com.
Another Servant on Mar 24, 2011 for version 1.0.0
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This is junk!!!
Don't put $300 on your credit card because this app doesn't work. It freezes constantly and when I emailed tech support they said they have discovered a memory leak and they're working on fixing it. Well that doesn't help me right now does it? They need to take it out of the app store until it's fixed. Don't buy it! If you need an AAC app that you know will work buy Proloquo2go instead!
Kristen P SLP on Feb 17, 2011 for version 1.0.0
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