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Great app. Caveat-increase font size!
The update actually is decent on my iPad mini..but font size is too small. Needs to be adjustable at least, and perhaps have more contrasting background.
AshleyDelavane on Mar 21, 2013 for Toodledo
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Love Toodledo...don't like makeover
Can't imagine getting things done without Toodledo: I've been a subscriber for over a year and have used the service for years, but this new design is way too busy. Not going to update until a more minimalist (pre-version 3) is available...
Aodell on Mar 21, 2013 for Toodledo
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New format is horrible
The new format, while only a hair better than their first attempt at an overhaul, is still a horrible mistake. It's not visually appealing, the font is too small and not eye-catching enough, the color is drab making it difficult to read, it's uneasy on the eyes, and is overall too "busy". When I look at my to-do list, I don't want to feel "busy". The old format was simple, clean, and easy to read. Now it feels like a chore. I keep trying to get used to it and like it, but its not working. Time to try out Remember the Milk.
mimiko44 on Mar 21, 2013 for Toodledo
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please undo the update... again
I love toodledo. I use it on all my computers (home and work), my phone, and my iPad. I didn't like the update before and I completely regret updating again. Can you please give me an option to go back to the app that I came to rely on? I promise to never update it again if you just change it back to how it used to be. It was great. The new update looks bad, crashes way more often, and doesn't refresh like the old version did. As the adage goes, if it ain't broke don't fix it. You've got a really good thing going but this is a step backward. If I can't go back to the way it used to be I'm going to look for other apps for my to do list. the crashing is awful.
Demelzack on Mar 21, 2013 for Toodledo
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New interface is -- sorry -- a disaster
3/21/13 update: Lest anyone think the issue with the latest update is simply a question of needing to get used to the new interface, I wanted to report back after several weeks of use to say that the app's counter-intuitiveness has only become more apparent, pervasive, and frustrating with time. It really isn't an exaggeration, unfortunately, to call this update a disaster. From a user experience standpoint it has broken the app, which is a shame because the underlying functionality is so great. I have spent some time using Appigo's Todo and its interface is a complete pleasure. It's not as tightly integrated with Toodledo as I'd like, but it is shaping up, sadly, to replace this app for me. ------------------- I'm afraid I have to add my voice to the chorus of people who think the user interface after the latest upgrade is a major step in the wrong direction. Toodledo has been my favorite productivity app by far for a couple of years. The upgrade seems to add little useful functionality beyond integration of subtasks. On the other hand, the new interface is cluttered, disorganized, non-intuitive and really painful on the eyes. This is not a question of my simply being used to the old interface. It now takes more strokes than before to accomplish many of the same activities, with functions being inexplicably buried deeper in the app. And there is no meaningful connection between the graphic design of the UI -- such as its typographic structure -- and the app's functionality. The backend of this app is fantastic. All it needs is an interface that doesn't undermine it. The old one will do.
Njg2000 on Mar 21, 2013 for Toodledo
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New Version No Good
My law office started using Toodledo in 2011. We have been happy with it until the new update. First rolled out in late 2012, the update deleted reminders upon click through and was generally buggy by not saving data and crashing. Toodledo recalled the update and all was well until they rolled the update out again about a month ago. It has the same problems as before. I wrote customer service about the issues and they responded by basically saying deal with it. It's been over a month with no fix. I'm looking elsewhere for task management at this point.
j11esq on Mar 21, 2013 for Toodledo
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