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Actually great! 😃
This is a pretty good app. The people that rate it low only used it for maybe ONE MINUTE and then said it was too easy. It obviously starts you out easy and then gets harder as it goes on, so if you don't play for a few hours or so it will still be fairly easy. My little girl LOVES this app!! The coins encourage her to keep on playing and do her best. If you are planning on getting this game, and know someone who is 5 or 6, DEFINITELY get it. It is worth it 😋😛😊
TurtlesRock! on Aug 26, 2015 for version 1.17
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Would not recommend for classroom use
Although this app covers many concepts from the kindergarten classroom, the concepts are not expanded upon to allow students the opportunity to develop their understanding of math and reading. The difficulty does not change while going through the activities which makes the game extremely repetitive and does not push students' thinking. Furthermore, the music and sound effects in the app are repetitive and cannot be turned off unless the sound on the iPad is turned off. The music and sounds may distract students from the math and reading activities. The app also does not consistently give explanations to help students understand why their answers are correct or incorrect. Therefore, students may not understand why their answers are correct or incorrect and continue using the app without an understanding of the concepts presented. Students could also randomly select answers without understanding their meaning. Students may be able to learn the math concepts presented better through the use of manipulatives because they would actually be able to move the objects on their own to see their purpose. Overall, I would not recommend this app for use in the classroom.
B-Rad 2992 on Oct 20, 2014 for version 1.17
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Lol kids dont wanna waste time on SCHOOL
Ted19632005 on May 5, 2014 for version 1.17
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This would be an awesome game if it different levels. My daughter plays it daily, but it's repetitive.
MsSupaKewl on Mar 22, 2014 for version 1.17
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Horrible app. There is no build up of skills. The second question was telling time, which isn't even introduced until first grade...waste of money.
Kconwa on Mar 16, 2014 for version 1.17
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Leaves u wanting
My boy likes it, there just isn't enough challenge. Wish there where stages. Where it gradually gets a little harder. It's just the same thing over and over.
All 4 Smiles Portraits on Feb 18, 2014 for version 1.17
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Not worth the price
While this app does have some fun elements, it is repetitive and boring after awhile. Also, though you can theoretically set difficulty levels for players, there's nothing to stop a child from simply creating another player who starts at the easiest setting. I found about eight players created, with names ranging from Timmy to Tommy to three of my youngest son to one called I Hate You Tommy (there's apparently a backstory that's hilarious). Further, as another reviewer said, you can't actually delete any players. Really? After all this time they can't fix a simple programming bug? Add to that the fact that there is nowhere to change difficulty settings for a player already in progress and you'll agree that there are no reasons to purchase this app; I wish I could get my money back.
MiciahD on Nov 22, 2013 for version 1.16
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My 4-year-old Loves it!
Nobody has ever loved an app more than my 4-year-old loves this app. She would play it all the time, if I let her. She's not lost any enthusiasm for it over time. I am thrilled because she really is learning and practicing important skills. She has made tremendous progress recently and I credit this app. At first, I helped her with some of the exercises by guiding her, for example, "Which of those words could be the word they're asking you to find? 'Bird' starts with a 'B' sound, do any of those words start with the letter 'B'?" Now she does that on her own. She's 4, and she's sounding out words. I imagine she'll be full-on reading in a few months. At first I thought the app was too simple, too limited in content, too repetitive -- but apparently not. My 4-year-old has made tremendous progress with this simple app. I couldn't be more pleased. She prefers this over a website that I'm paying $7.99/month for, so honestly, this one-time-purchase of $1.99 is the best deal ever.
Mom2two2 on Nov 18, 2013 for version 1.16
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After two years bugs not fixed
I bought this game when my son turned 3. We play the games together, it's fun to have an educational game to play anywhere. We both love the reward incentive, and I think the game set up makes it fun and easy to understand. My son has unlocked all the at school activities, and is excited to answer more questions to earn better rewards. This ap is more than worth it for pre-k kids. My son is going on 5 now and I'm sorry to say the game still has problems. The sound and streaming of the levels of the game sometimes over lap; which is a big bummer it's almost the perfect game.
Bebita1_0_8 on Nov 4, 2013 for version 1.16
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Great game, small problem...
My kids love this game. One little problem or it would be a 5 star. My daughter started playing with a boy avatar because she didn't realize you could change it. Now she's started a girl file, but she wants to delete the boy file. However, when we hit delete file, it asks "what is 9x6?" Problem is, it has no way to input the answer. The keyboard doesn't come up, and there's no button to bring it up. If you hit delete again, it just brings up the question again. We're playing on an iPad 2 with latest iOS. Fix this and it would be a 5.
Bjornolf1 on Oct 8, 2013 for version 1.16
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