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The best!
This app is better than the insane workouts available to buy for $200+... For $0.99 you get all the workouts as the other guys, plus you can track your progress all within the app. I dropped 2 sizes after completing the program and cant wait to go for round 2!
SuprGirl5 on Aug 4, 2015 for version 1.0.7
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A program!!! 60 days of progressive change. I've had gorilla workout and tried this. Wow. Nice layout. Nice exercises. Covers everything. Outstanding dudes!!
MiCK.ca on Jun 1, 2015 for version 1.0.6
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Looks good
Good so far. Add audio to the a actual workout. Also, add a way to learn the exercise beforehand- a new section. Last idea: make a begginers version for those who can't keep up, and an advanced version for the tough guys. If those were $1 each I would get them in a heartbeat
Awesome boy8889879 on May 16, 2015 for version 1.0.6
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Fantastic app
The only problem I have with this app is that it does not give an appropriate introduction on how to safely do many of these exercises. It is ok for me, bc I am already familiar with these routines, but for someone who is not, trying to work out fast before knowing correct body positions is not necessarily smart. Otherwise, I like the features of the app - it is an incredible bargain for the price. Similar home programs cost hundreds. I would like to have a few 'fifteen minute' routines in the quick work out section for days when you can't commit to a whole workout but don't want only do the first fifteen minutes of a whole routine. If these fixes were made, I'd give the app five stars.
Zot-t on Apr 10, 2015 for version 1.0.6
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I like the idea...
I like the concept of this app, but every time I try to use it I barely make it past day one because of difficulties with the app. Here are a few things that would make using this app easier for me: 1. Include the workout duration in the workout menu. Some people need to plan accordingly to allot 45 minutes or more to a workout. I hate that I don't know how long the workout is until I'm pumped up and ready to start. 2. Include a summary of workouts and/or the program overall. What can I expect? At the very least I'd like to review a list of exercises in a workout before I begin. Personally, I like to have an idea of what's coming. This would also help me identify any places where I may want to include equipment (although I understand it's not required) or if I should postpone a particular workout due to, or to prevent, injury. Which leads to point three... 3. Allow the ability to go back to skipped workouts in the program. If I skip a workout, I often plan to go back to it at a later time. The program doesn't allow for that, however. Once you skip, it's skipped. After reviewing the quick workout section, I see it can be used as a work-around for some of my concerns, but, as a user I shouldn't HAVE to find a way to work-around features I don't like. Of course, this doesn't even address the sound issues (which seem to exist in all your apps that have sound, or at least in the two I have), which include the inability to play music and the complete lack of sound if the phone is set to silent. I also agree with a previous reviewer who suggested putting progress pics under a tab in settings (Stats?). Finally, I would suggest including a way to contact the developer. I would love to send this feedback privately through the app, but without that option I'm forced to post it publicly as an App Store review. Overall, I think the app is good for the price. I just think a few tweaks would make it better.
Ryan Lieber on Mar 3, 2015 for version 1.0.6
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I love it
Thanks to this App I start doing better on my health and in my life as well thanks.
Kaprichoso on Nov 30, 2014 for version 1.0.5
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Good app Nice job Guys!
69jeezus on Nov 4, 2014 for version 1.0.5
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Gresat app but no music :(
Love the app and the workouts are good but I use my iPad and I can't play music at the same time as working out and have to get my iPhone to play music. I need music for motivation and find it way too quiet otherwise. They should make the ability to play music at the same time through the app.
Justin (Aust) on May 12, 2014 for version 1.0.5
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The best
I'm a long time Pilates/ yoga fan. But this winter has been cold and long - I took a 3 months break in dieting and exercising and now I look and feel rather sloppy. This app brought me back to life. 99 cents for effective, challenging and extremely convenient workouts. I'm addicted. I miss it on my rest days. I'm on my second week and I see results already. Love the instructor - he keeps it simple and yet motivates you in little intro videos. I've got no complaints, works perfect for me.
Akreditor on Feb 18, 2014 for version 1.0.5
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Simple, effective with results
This is an easy program to follow with a set schedule and challenging workout. Follow this with a solid diet such as "paleo" and you'll see significant results. The workouts are balanced and tough enough that you'll be getting into great shape. The count down system is easy to use. Without having to watch the program every second: do the exercise until you hear the bell... Next! Not a noisy high intensity workout such as "insanity" and you can take it anywhere using your iPad and only a small amount of space.4 stars because it could use a little more variety. But great overall.
masterthad on Feb 18, 2014 for version 1.0.5
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