The Washington Post for iPad: THE WORST, but the cherry blossoms are nice Review

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THE WORST, but the cherry blossoms are nice
My goodness, WHO "redesigned" this app? The first WaPo for iPad was sleek, offered lots of content, updated seamlessly, and I would have GLADLY paid a monthly subscription. This 'new' version offers significantly less content, is spotty when it updates, and, even worse, has a ton of glitches. For instance, I opened up my app while at the columbus circle train station, which has paid WiFi. When I clicked on an article, it instead brought me to the "pay $4.95 to have WiFi for an hour at this train station" prompt. I turned off my WiFi so that it would make the prompt disappear. But it never disappeared. That was 2 weeks ago. Now, every time I open up my app and try to click on an article, THAT SAME PROMPT APPEARS EVEN WHEN I AM AT HOME - IT WILL NOT LET ME VIEW THE ARTICLE. There were similar glitches prior to this one, too lengthy to discuss in this forum. But I'd already deleted and reinstalled the app THREE times when similar freezes occurred, so this was the last straw. At least I have the still-slick iPhone app, and at least the pic of the cherry blossoms are nice. Terribly disappointed, especially for a world class journalism institution. sadly deleting this iPad app once and for all.
Antonio the God on Apr 12, 2013 for The Washington Post for iPad
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Maybe the worst ever
I read the IPad Post daily and about to stop. This 'upgrade' is terrible in every respect including its full of bugs - you can click on an article on it keeps trying to give you a different article from the prior day. If you haven't upgraded DON't. I just read the NY Times now.
Newsboy JT on Apr 12, 2013 for The Washington Post for iPad
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This is Technology?
Very pretty. However the technology section seems to gone at least for now. Crashes a lot! Only parts of the opinion section available. Come on WP, you know what you did. Bring back the old good app and we'll forgive.
michaelzilla on Apr 11, 2013 for The Washington Post for iPad
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Much To Like! And...for a 5....I'd Love To Regain & Gain...the following
Much To Like in this update! And...for a 5....I'd Love To Regain & Gain...the following... 1. more control over the size to which this can "swell" the iPad space ot takes up (it's very piggy -- vastly more so, for sure, than the New York Times iPad app, for example) 2. some obvious way to edit out (i.e. delete) "saved" articles (how or how do you do this and why did you hide whatever the answer may be. (hmmm...surely, surely there is a better way than just deleting the whole thing and then re-downloading the app, which is the only current solution I'm finding as of Ap. 11, 2013) 3. documentation would seriously help - example...who would know when you tap the DC weather at bottom left, it gives you the immediate chance with ease to ask for any weather mini-detail? What a great feature - why don't you cue folk on it? 4. what I may miss most from the former app version: the opportunity to check-off only the sections I want to have loaded onto my iPad. (caveat: there may be a way with the new app to be selective, but if so...this version indicates nada on the "how" unless I'm just flat overlooking it...and I'll check back on this and delete this complaint if so.) Overall though, other than the space this takes - more than a fair share, truly...it is a app I rely on every single day. Also...thanks for publishing 7 days. I appreciate that. BTW...i bet a lot more people would love to know how extensive your comics section is. Am wondering why you hide so well the breadcrumb you do leave (but obtusely) to that. Hoping to come right back next update and rescore this a "5" ;) Hello to the rest of you from Austin Texas USA!
SherryLowry on Apr 11, 2013 for The Washington Post for iPad
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The new post app
Read several one star reviews just after I had deleted the old post app ( it had been obtained using my prior email address) and regretted updating. But I couldn't go back, felt I was stuck with the new Post app, and proceeded to download and install it. Then I found I wasn't stuck with it -- I was blessed with it. It is fantastic. Loaded quickly and choices were available intuitively and virtually instantly. I went to the sports section and read the excellent article on the caps in any size print I wanted then went to an article on Tiger. Then I clicked on "Print edition" and I felt I had died and gone to heaven. The entire paper loaded in just a few seconds in beautiful color and high definition with several pages arrayed side by side available for immediate up close reading and a section index for you to make further instantaneous selections. I even found I could quickly read the TV guide as well as ads and obituaries. Well enough of my ramblings. I've got to get back to get back to my paper. And to those who gave the app poor reviews you must have done something wrong or have bad networks or minimum systems. Alligator Jack
Alligator-Jack on Apr 10, 2013 for The Washington Post for iPad
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New Washington Post Apps
Sorry, but having used the previous app for a long time, I am very disappointed with the big update recently introduced. The old one wasn't any great shakes, and I do like the new quick link to the actual paper layout view, but this one is just too unstable and otherwise lacking. I have always felt that there is not enough content on each page...too much unused white space. This update seems to me to be a step back in terms of efficient page utilization. As a reference, The Wall Street Journal app pages contain a lot of content on each and the top and bottom of the page sections are not taken up ( read: cluttered) with a lot of redundant icons and options, etc. I think you've got a lot more work to do guys before I would ever consider this a necessary enough news source to justify any expense for the privilege of reading it.
Murrells Inlet on Apr 8, 2013 for The Washington Post for iPad
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