The Washington Post for iPad: Terrible app Review

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Terrible app
Slow loading and slow response. The WP guys should go read the NYT and Seattle Times iPad apps. I pay for those subscriptions but would never pay for this one, which, it looks like they are about to implement. No stars if I could do it.
Yorye on Apr 5, 2013 for The Washington Post for iPad
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Two Apps in One, One Good, One Bad
This is my third attempt to write a review for this product. Rating it is made difficult as there are actually two views that are extremely different in view and usage; all made more difficult to review because the Washington Post only names one of the two, the "Print Edition". The second view is unnamed, so let me call it the "Opening View." There is the The old app was more similar to the Opening View. The old app was pinned where ever you wanted it. I actually placed it on the bottom with other frequently opened applications. The new app (ver 2.0) is found on a shelf in the newsstand. This is not as convenient as the old way, but very logical. When opening the old app you were greeted with Headlines which included selections from different sections of the paper. You had the ability to click a section button and more to more articles located in each section. Reading scrolled down which is my preferred way to read. From one article you could easily flip to the next article by page right. Very easy, and very nice. I almost always flipped page to page deciding what to read instead of selecting from the master page. This old app had a lot of articles, BUT also left out many. I found linkages to be error free. I had no technical problems with the old version. The new app (version 2.0) has lots of linkage errors. Click on today's paper, and up comes yesterday's. Click on the article you want to read, and boom, something totally different opens. More problematic is the way the Open View operates. Opening View has a limited number of stories that are / or will be in today's paper. Before today's issue is published I go to the opening view to read new articles. Nice, right! But oh, the interface is so bad. To read you need to page right -- but wait -- this is an article I don't want to read, but now I need to page through it to get to the next article. Or if you are reading and you page, yo may be taken to the correct place, or maybe the app will skip one or more columns, or the rest of the article and leave you to find you place which may take several page flips to find your old position and then try again. What was wrong with the old method of reading the article down and moving to the next article to the right? This change is a real step backwards. Other problems with the opening view is that as you page through you actually have no idea where you are in the article, or the over content. The new apps Opening View is a definite step downward from the old app. I do think it is meant to be updated quickly and easily which brings news to the reader faster. This is a good thing. There is less content than the old app, but that is okay because the Print Edition brings you everything. Bring back the touch and feel of the old app by allowing articles to be read down instead of paging right and I will be happy. Currently, the Opening Page is rated one star. Yuk! On the top of the Opening View is a button labelled Print Edition. Click it and you are taken to the full print edition. This is great. I page through the paper as though I am reading my paper copy. On some article you can click on it to go to open a window that just contains that article. I find this unnecessary since I discovered that while on the Print Edition page you can enlarge the type simply by moving two fingers apart. Read the article, or multiple articles on the page. Sometimes you can flip to the next page, but sometimes I have found I need to reduce the print size before I can change the page. I am a paid subscriber. The old Post app would make me relog in every time I returned after turning off the iPad. As far as I could tell there was no way to save the password and do an automatic login. The new app does not require the login. Strangely, when in the Print Edition there is a button at the bottom of the page that is labelled Print Edition. Click it and it returns you to the Opening View. Washington Post, please give this Opening View a name, and label the button accordingly. The Print Edition can be improved with a navigation bar across the top, or on one side. I would like it to have arrow keys to take me forward or backwards one page at a time (as the flipping pages often gets stuck especially if you have enlarged the font size), each section letter (so that I can quickly switch to a new section), and page numbers for the section where I am located. If done this will be a great improvement to an already great full print edition. I currently give the Print Edition 4 stars. Make the improvements above and it will easily be 5, but they too need to fix the Opening View readability. Note, as I said earlier, that article updates occur in the Opening View before they appear in the print version. While there are only a few, it does allow you to read some news before the paper is off the press.
dgoodno on Apr 5, 2013 for The Washington Post for iPad
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Awful update
Horrible response on original iPad. Please give more stories per page. Too much swiping. Very unsatisfying to read. Please take it out of Newsstand.
RJ1234567 on Apr 5, 2013 for The Washington Post for iPad
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Now One of the Best
I think most of the discontent with the new Washington Post app comes from non-print subscribers, who are now or will be firmly behind the pay wall. Content is limited to non-subscribers, but imbedded in the new app is the Print Edition which faithfully presents 100% of the day's print edition (minus the advertising flyers). I absolutely love this. You can read the entire article in print format (meaning the article may start on one page and be continued a few pages later, or you can tap it and read it in full in the customary iPad format). A few flaws remain with the print edition: If a page crashes, you go back to the first page you opened (for me, always page 1, very annoying). 2-page spreads from, say, the Weekend section, cannot be 2-finger enlarged, so they are unreadably small. I would imagine the print edition will be a good way for the Post to see if it can monetize its print ad revenue by presenting it in the exact same way on tablets. In my opinion, seeing the ads this way is far less intrusive than most ads on tablet-format articles. The Post has now gone from one of the sorriest apps to one of the best. I use 2 others, and am a paying customer of both. I formerly rated the Wall Street Journal the best - 100% content, but still in non-print format. The New York Times is still my favorite newspaper of all. The mobile apps are not 100% content, though, although you get an exceedingly large amount of content: Articles may appear in the app before they appear in print, and the Times keeps a deep roster of older articles from the past week or so also. I recommend that all newspaper apps now present print editions.
Byron Huffman on Apr 5, 2013 for The Washington Post for iPad
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Less content in the basic app, requires you to download a full print edition to get to the content, but crashes the app the majority of the time you try to open the print edition. Could not compare less favorably to the NY Times app.
Sporty Family 2345 on Apr 5, 2013 for The Washington Post for iPad
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Poor - a step backwards
I hate the new app. I don't like it on the newsstand. Content is limited. Too many screens for limited info. I'd like a decent Wash Post iPad app but this is not it.
mfmwade on Apr 4, 2013 for The Washington Post for iPad
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