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Incredibly awful
This is the worst of a series of horrendous app upgrades. This version renders the Washington Post basically unreadable. That's (obviously) very bad for a newspaper and totally mystifying for one owned by a tech mogul.
SB-DC on Aug 9, 2015 for version 3.2.0
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Worst app ever
Do not subscribe!! This app crashes every time I use it. It freezes. Stories don't open. It takes minutes for the thing to load. I never have any of these problems with the NYT app. This app is a total and utter disgrace, and the people in charge of it should not just be fired but banned from tech jobs altogether. How can one of the nation's top newspapers tolerate such a disgrace??? This has been going on for months. This level of incompetence boggles the mind. Folks, if this newspaper cannot find people to make an app that works, how can you trust its reporting of the news? This app is evidence of rot--deep, pervasive rot--at the Washington Post.
Austerin on Aug 7, 2015 for version 3.2.0
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Memory Hog
To offer some history I was a subscriber to the app edition but canceled because the advertising was animated and annoying as heck. I couldn't deal with moving ads on the bottom of every article I read so I canceled my subscription. Last night I was managing my iPad's memory and noticed the Washington Post app consumes 5.9GB - I was shocked. The NY Times app only consumes 105MB. What on earth is the WP storing on my iPad? I tried to use the delete app data using the button in the app's settings but it wouldn't work. It worked all night and nothing got deleted according to the iPad's Settings / Usage. I was forced to delete the app to reclaim the memory. I wasn't using the app as a subscriber but it was nice to scan the headlines to get a more right view of the world as compared to the Times. July 2015 - I replied to an email offer for one year of digital access for $40 on an all new Washington Post App. Sounded fair and maybe I'd give the WP an second chance. Well it was a trick - it was $40 for five articles. I have to pay more to get Washington, DC news too if I want to use the app. Screw that - I live in NY and don't need to read the local DC news. The annoying moving ads still exist on every page and that's enough to drive me away again. I just sent them an email demanding my money back. Let's see what happens.
CaptScottso on Aug 6, 2015 for version 3.2.0
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Constant hassle. Cancel my subscription at the end of the month.
This is a constantly crashing app. Every day the same problems. Slow to load, unstable, crashes. Fed up.
Londontoad on Aug 1, 2015 for version 3.2.0
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Wow - What a Bummer
Very disappointing. I was expecting so much more. Ads are too intrusive for a paid subscription. Just purchased a yearlong subscription for $69, will probably stick with browser version.
RC45oo on Jul 28, 2015 for version 3.2.0
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Needs a major overhaul
The Post app on iPad is one of the worst readers I've used. It's jumpy, freezes and crashes often. Beyond that: 1) The navigation system is not user friendly, with the mix of vertical and horizontal scrolling. Also, I often have news feeds open on my browser, see articles from the Post I want to read, and then open my app and they are more than half the time very difficult to find. The web version is laid out so well. Why is the app so bad? 2) One of the most common features I want to read is the weather, but the icon on the app only pulls up the summary graphic. The articles are not found in the local section, nor anywhere else obvious. Why hide these articles? 3) I pay $14.99/month for the app, so why am I still seeing g*&d^&* pop-up ads? Which are mostly for google and impossible to remove from the screen. Seriously, Post, you can do better. If the app just opened to the web version, that would actually be awesome. I wish you had a tech-savvy person in a senior position there... oh wait....
PMColHi on Jul 25, 2015 for version 3.2.0
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Really Bad
Does not work. Support is horrible.Do not buy this app. Waste of money from what once was a great newspaper. NY Times works well.
Msf5353 on Jul 24, 2015 for version 3.2.0
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Spring 2015 update
Once downloaded, opening the print edition causes the frames to load, disappear, reload, multiple times. Wish I could go back to a prior version. No advantage to the latest version.
Potomacbuddy on Jul 23, 2015 for version 3.2.0
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Digital Subscription problem
I have a digital subscription to the WP, but every time I click on an article to read it on my iPad I get a window telling me that I have used up my 5 free articles for the month and telling me to subscribe to read more. I am logged in properly. And I AM a subscriber, and I do not want a print subscription. It seems like the left hand doesn't know what the right hand is doing. The WP should fix this right away.
NJ Independent on Jul 18, 2015 for version 3.2.0
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1/16 add....
I don't like having to pay 99$ per year and still have about 6% of my small screen hijacked by Google adds.... Since it's paid, silly me will have to deal with the aggravation.
Mutog on Jul 16, 2015 for version 3.2.0
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