The Washington Post for iPad: Blank issues Review

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Blank issues
I really like this version and find it easy to learn to use. But at least once a week when I download the print edition (my favorite!), it ends up blank. Nothing I do will fix this until the next day when I can load it as yesterday's issue. But what's the point in that? For now, I just delete the app and then reinstall. Bingo! I've got my print edition just fine. Works now; but that's not going to be a good solution when I have to start paying for it this summer!
RGaitherNM on Apr 17, 2013 for The Washington Post for iPad
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Web version just self-destructed
1) they have replaced their "we are a serious news organization" (New York Timesy) look with a sub-USA Today, child-like look that implies a child level of news coverage. To achieve it, they've had to limit the extent of inverted-pyramid, with some articles reduced to nothing but a headline. Since they have followed the national trend of using headlines that entice, rather than inform ("A Bridge to Somewhere" was one recent headline with no accompanying first sentence), this requires people commit to be moved to an article without any knowledge of the subject matter at all. 2) Navigation clues are completely absent. Users have no sense of where they are, where they will go next, or even how they got there. 3) their advertising requires you apply tape, paper, a magazine or book across the bottom of your device. Banner ads, even at the top of the page, are normally ignored. Eye-tracking tests show that the eyes of all but the most experienced users will never even track across them. Banner ads at the bottom of the page would be utterly useless unless a site were to employ a technique long-since abandoned because users detest it as well as anyone who would dare use it. That happens to be the exact technique they have chosen to use. Their designers, apparently aware of the banner ad problem, are overcoming it by using animation. This does, in fact, draw the user's eye upon every transition. Unfortunately, that makes the articles almost impossible to leaf through without placing something like a book or magazine over the bottom of the screen to obscure the banner. The problem is that humans are hard wired to respond to animation in the periphery so we can react to threats such as charging animals. We have no choice but to respond again and again and again. Because readers are powerless to avoid being drawn away from what they're trying to see upon each ad transition, people not only hate the ads, they hate and resent the sites that use them. That's why, in about 1998, everyone stopped using animated ads. (It would be bad enough if you only had your eye drawn the four times for the four transitions of the current ad, but as you leaf through the paper, the ad re-transitions on each and every page, resulting in constant interruptive motion.)
Asktog on Apr 16, 2013 for The Washington Post for iPad
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Going backwards
I was looking forward to an improved iPad app, especially since the Post will now be charging for this, but it's so much worse. It's thin! Never thought I'd say this to the Post, but USA Today is soooo much better! The USA tablet edition is hefty and yet very tablet-friendly. The Post's has almost no content and totally lacks a tablet design sensibility. Where is all the local news, the reviews, and where are the columnists? Oh yeah, the "print edition" for tablets. If i wanted to have the print experience I'd read the Post that is dropped in the driveway every morning. Very disappointing. You're giving us a lot less and will charge for it.
Nittanya on Apr 15, 2013 for The Washington Post for iPad
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They ruined this app
Just doesn't work anymore. I get nothing but blank pages.
Robert Anguizola on Apr 14, 2013 for The Washington Post for iPad
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This app is why the WaPo is dying
A storied news organization that can't even rise to the level of the integrated, video, audio, and written content of the WSJ. This is horrible. It loads... Then... It doesn't. Or, it takes a long time. Post readers nation wide would gladly pay for a subscription if it had value. Sadly, this new app redesign clearly signifies further decline.
Clemdiggity on Apr 14, 2013 for The Washington Post for iPad
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What a huge step in the wrong direction!!!
Bring back the old app... For your own sake
fjaka on Apr 13, 2013 for The Washington Post for iPad
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