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Need to add additional support for local style files
Overall editing and debugging really surprised me. Much more fluid than I expected. Dropbox syncing has been alright so far. I created a file in the app, saved to Dropbox, and edited it on my desktop. When I reopened the file in the app, it asked if I want to stick with the local copy or overwrite it with the Dropbox version. However, there's room for improvement: I would have appreciated it if the app defaulted to the most recent copy, or at least indicated which was the most recent version when asking which I wanted to use. But it's usable the way it is. My only real beef with this app--and for me this is a deal breaker--is that I cannot get it to use a local style file I need for a journal article submission. This style file includes a *.clo that works just fine in TexMaker but this app refuses to recognize. So, I cannot use this app to do the job I bought it for. If support for local packages was included, I would say 5 stars. As is, it's not much use to me.
Patico Peligroso on Oct 10, 2013 for Texpad
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DropBox integration is buggy
If you synchronize a file with DropBox you will get multiple copies labeled (2), (3), etc. This is more than a nuisance, you can't tell which file is the most current easily. The developers are aware of this, they give an excuse on their website blaming DropBox. However, there has to be a solution as other similar apps do not have the same problem.
Camila Susana Brenda on Sep 18, 2013 for Texpad
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Finally, local LaTeX on the iPad
I'll start with the bad. Do not even think about using the Dropbox sync feature with this app. For one thing, it completely freaks out whenever you lose your wifi connection (which--hello--is all the time when you have an iPad!), randomly quitting, prompting you for a network connection, making random pointless backup copies of your open documents, and so on. And it frequently syncs in the wrong direction, which is just preposterous. How difficult is it to write a program that never overwrites a newer version of a file with an older one without prompting the user? I once thought I'd lost several days of work because of this, and was only able to get it back by retyping it from the .pdf. So why am I giving it five stars? Because in every other respect it is spectacular. It manages LaTeX packages efficiently, automatically downloading all and only the ones you need, and compiles everything locally, which is wonderful for those of us who need to type on the go. It used to be a bit slow, but that has been fixed in recent versions. The font is quite pleasing to the eyes, the syntax highlighting color scheme is great, and the on-screen keyboard makes those LaTeXy characters such as the back quote and dollar sign nice and accessible. Compiling is a bit of a battery hog, but not horribly so, and that's to be expected. I still haven't gotten BibTeX to work using this software, but that isn't a huge issue for me. One thing that does work quite well is autocomplete of entries from my .bib file. Anyway, thanks to TeXPad, it is now possible to write your dissertation or masters thesis on your iPad. And that's just cool.
bufordrat on Sep 12, 2013 for Texpad
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A marvel
It's quite amazing how well this works. It's an almost completely smooth transition from typesetting in a desktop environment. Downloading the extra packages is a tiny bit annoying -- installing them can take a very long time and occasionally cause crashes. More granular control over package management would help with that, but would also be more work for the user. One or two of the more exotic packages seem a bit buggy (I noticed weirdness with ligatures in fouriernc) and I wonder whether I'll have to redownload the whole bundle if/when they get updated. But mostly these are edge case complaints, and the program is hugely valuable to me.
GrahamJoseph on Sep 6, 2013 for Texpad
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Very nice to use
I'm an engineering student and I needed latex software for a class. One of my professors recommended this app. I've been using it for almost a week, so I'm still very new to latex. In spite of that, this app has been very easy to use and has made it much easier to for me to pick up the skills needed to write for my class. I would recommend it to anyone.
I hate nicknames a lot on Aug 27, 2013 for Texpad
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I love it ...
Excellent Application ..works very well with local and cloud setting ...
SA321 on Jul 18, 2013 for Texpad
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