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crash crash crash
go to hell with this aweful app
Mohsen Fardoust on Mar 17, 2015 for version 2.0.5
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Nice app
Hassaan Khalid on Dec 31, 2013 for version 2.0.5
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Very nice simple note sharing app!!!
I have been looking for an easy app that would allow my daughter and I to share notes, reminders, and whatever. We can share calendars and photos easily because we both have iPhones but we both wanted a way to share simple notes quickly and painlessly, not texting because this is for different purposes. This app is GREAT it is even fancier than we need and is totally painless :) the only thing we would add is some notification that there is a new note or updated note. Thank you :) for a wonderful app :)
SmileMom on Nov 24, 2013 for version 2.0.5
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Beautiful app that just keeps missing a beat . . .
I downloaded this app a few months ago, I love it's ease and appearance but the fact that it was missing a "Search" feature eliminated it as a prospect. Lo & behold, the new update includes "Search", which allowed me to take a closer look at it. What's missing? The entry list on the left does not display the date the entry was written, which is a major feature I haven't seen missing in any other notes app. If I wanted to review a particular time period, or see what I was doing on a specific date, even with 'date sorting', I'd still have to open each entry to find the right date. No bueno. Gotta show the date, guys.
LLL2012 on Sep 29, 2013 for version 2.0.4
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Love this app
This is the best notes app I found. Very simple but pleasing visually. I love that my notes are on both my iPhone and iPad through cloud. Would love it if they were also on my desk top.
Louann 2 on May 15, 2013 for version 2.0.3
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Very very nice
My friends and I all use it and find it very good for a free application.
2hitonly on Feb 27, 2013 for version 2.0.3
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the most simple cloud note!!!
I love your work! I was disappointed by the built-in Notes application. the built-in app has some problems when synced with icloud. And finally i found Synote. Your sync speed is very fast and there's no font problem.(the built in app has some problem about font i think. when connected PC icloud.) When somebody need an simple sync note app. Synote is a good choice i think. (i apologize my bad english... i'm sorry)
So niceppppp on Oct 30, 2012 for version 2.0.1
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Already deleted 😞
I have several notes apps, but there always seems to be something missing, so I've continued to look. As this app just went free, I thought I'd give it a shot. Unfortunately, as soon as I opened it, it requires me to enter email address, create password, & then continually have to check my email for their verification code - I just wanted to try it & see how it felt & not commit to a lifelong of email barraging. My email is SO overwhelmingly cluttered because, in the past, I'd just go ahead & do all that just to try an app out & end up deleting it. Now I can't control the spam & "app" emails that I get no matter how many times I cancel them all! I've changed email more than I can count in the past several years, even my own mother doesn't know my email @ this point!, & would like to keep one for more than a year this time, so, very unfortunately, I didn't even get to see if I liked it. I'm very disappointed because it had quite a few features that I was excited to try out. Sorry devs. I've marked AppZapp to notify me if there's an update in the future, so if this feature is removed, I'll try it out then. Thank you, & three stars for a potentially good app! 😌
angidazee on Sep 10, 2012 for version 2.0.0
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Good App
I've been searching for a different kind of "note" app (still keeping the Apple one) to list clothing items that I need for traveling and so far it's a good app and it syncs to my iPhone nicely too. To leeymary: I downloaded it on my iPad first and it showed the same thing on my iPhone. You have to open up your iCloud and initiate the backup process on both devices and it should go through...mine did. Once you do that and if you make corrections on one device, all you have to do it hit the sync button on both devices and it will update. Hope this helps.
gflexx1 on Aug 16, 2012 for version 2.0.0
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Download issue
2 days and the program is still in "waiting" status. Will you get it together?
leeymary on Aug 15, 2012 for version 2.0.0
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