Sunrizer synth: Shortcut to great sounds, esp. Roland & CS-80 Review

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Shortcut to great sounds, esp. Roland & CS-80
Works fine on iPad 2 with current OS. I have tried most of the synth apps that are currently available for iOS. This is the one I end up using on almost every track. I've thought about why, and it comes down to two things: sound quality and interface. Sunrizer sounds expensive and it fits most of its controls on one screen, so that you can see what a patch is doing and how the elements fit together. It's an app that rewards and encourages tweaking, and the result is I've made more patches for this synth than any other. There are already a lot of enthusiastic reviews for this app, but let me mention one feature that's easily overlooked. We're used to the modulation wheel controlling one or two parameters at a time (usually a filter). With Sunrizer, the modulation wheel can move smoothly between a whole group of parameters (called "morph groups"): not just filter frequencies, but LFO depth and frequency, oscillator detuning -- just about anything that's a knob. For example, let's say you want to make the end of a phrase more emphatic. With the morph groups feature, you can increase the filter resonance AND widen the pad AND slow down the vibrato AND make the vibrato more intense, all with one motion. It's very easy to set up and, in performance, opens up a highway for expressiveness. New features are added, but the interface can still fit on one page. This makes Sunrizer one of the easiest synth apps to program and learn from. For Vangelis-style patches, be sure to download the web bank titled "CFA Vintage Electronica Virtual Analogue" by Constantin Aliferis. Sunrizer looks like a Roland, but can also do a convincing CS-80. The default "Blade Runner" patch is one of the best I've heard on any platform. It can also do the Twin Peaks pad from "Laura Palmer's Theme."
David Wilson-Okamura on Sep 24, 2013 for Sunrizer synth
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Where's my drums ? ?
I ABSOLUTELY LOVE this app....one of my favorites but am I missing on where to look....the drum tracks are gone. LOVED some of those tracks.
Mixmagix on Sep 10, 2013 for Sunrizer synth
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The one
Like everyone says, after you try them all, this is the one you keep coming back to. A tweaker's delight! As powerful as my NI products that cost a lot more.
Nicapots on Aug 18, 2013 for Sunrizer synth
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Rip hardware synths!
This app is absolutely amazing! Excellent sound quality with solid support and relevant updates. Very impressive work by the developer.
Splooger on Jul 27, 2013 for Sunrizer synth
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I am a novice sooo....
I do love this app. I got it to be able to play guitar through Midi Guitar (an incredible app) and the presets on this are great. I did get Sunrizer, Alchemy and Nave. I cant tell you which I like more. This app is easy enough to understand and has nice documentation. Like I said I am a novice. I love the ability to pick favorites. So far this has done great with Midi Guitar, by hooking up my guitar to the ipad and into my amp. (I use audiobus also with it, and cubasis). I like Alchemy but its more of a huge set of presets as far as I can see, with some setting adjustments). Nave is great app also. I seems to be my most versatile app. Out of the three I got, I cant say I like one over the other. Sunrizers interface is outstanding, its easy enough to understand, and simple for me, a novice. yet it seems to have quite a bit to it. I love the presets and the app does awesome. Nave seems incredible also, I like the ability to turn text into sound. Very neat. /editing the visual sound wave is nice also. It is a great app. I love it. Alchemy seems to be mainly presets with some editing ability. It is great for the guitar sense its all done for you but it will get costly if I get all the addons. Wish it has a bundle option, but for me.. A guitar player that wanted to hook my strat up to my Dr. Z amp through my ipad and play midi, it was cool... Audiobus, Midi Guitar, Cubasis, Sunrizer, Nave and Alchemy. all good stuff. I have paid for many guitar apps, From Ampkit, Jamup, Meteor, Cubasis, Garageband, Audiobus, Stompbox, and the list goes on. Multitrak DAW was a slight disappointment, but all the others were well worth it. Wont replace my pedals, and tube amps but for what it is it all is very impressive.
John-3:16 on Jun 24, 2013 for Sunrizer synth
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Love great sound but,,,
New update made me loose my list of favorite patches and also lost the use of the letters on the keys it was way better when u could tell on what key u were like c1 c2 c3 n so forth none the less a very outstanding synth ^_^
Browncoversurazz on Jun 24, 2013 for Sunrizer synth
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