Sunrizer synth: A Solid, Great-Sounding Synth Review

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A Solid, Great-Sounding Synth
Sound-5/5. Sunrizer sounds fantastic. Its main strength is variety. This synth can do everything from thick basses to lush pads to squirming arps to nasty leads. Personally, I find myself mainly using Sunrizer for arps and leads, but it is quite versatile. Ships with a ton of presets, some of which are quite usable. Appearance- 4/5. Sunrizer is more function than form. The visuals mimic a standard analog hardware synth. There are no impressive visual flourishes, which makes for an uncluttered if unremarkable experience. This synth is to be heard and not seen. Interface-4/5. If you are familiar with synthesis, you will be able to get into Sunrizer right away. As stated above, it simply mimics an analogue hardware synth. The function of all the knobs and sliders are immediately apparent. The general flow of the Sunrizer is quite intuitive. Almost everything is immediately accessible on one screen, so you don't have to waste a lot of time menu-delving. Key range only comes in 3 varieties: small, medium, and large. Knobs are easy to control. The arpeggiator is a little difficult to get the hang of, but a little effort and experimentation there pays off. Useability-5/5. Sunrizer is my favorite iPad synth for sound design. When I need to get a sound from my mind to my ears, I go to Sunrizer. It's a synth that gets out of the way. The arpeggiator is not exactly intuitive, but once you get the hang of it, is a cool step sequencer. I use it all the time. Overall: 4.5/5. Sunrizer isn't exactly groundbreaking; it doesn't make especially innovative use of the touchscreen system. What it is is a great sounding synth that is fun to play and easy to program. It's a solid, workhorse instrument. As a result, I have probably used Sunrizer more than any other iPad synth. Well worth 10 times its price.
AuxOct on Feb 2, 2013 for Sunrizer synth
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One of the best synths I've used
I love Sunrizer. It was one of the first iPad apps I bought, when I was skeptical of how good the available apps would be. As it happens, it has remained the most well-thought-out, satisfying, and reliable app that I've bought. If you're familiar with subtractive synthesis, it's very powerful and easy to use. It's arpeggio/step-sequencer seemed a bit daunting at first but it is a very effective compositional tool and not nearly as hard to use as I first expected. If I could change/improve anything about Sunrizer, it would be to add the ability to have more than one sound going at once. Like, in addition to the morph wheel, having voice selector buttons that let you change between different patches while the others continue to play, like Performance mode on a Nord Lead.
wbaj on Jan 13, 2013 for Sunrizer synth
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I just bought it and already it's giving me tons of ideas for music. I'm an orchestral composer, so that's proof this instrument has many applications beyond the major pop genres.
Marius C. on Dec 21, 2012 for Sunrizer synth
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One of the best soft synths I've played
Coming from an era of single purpose keyboards, daws and vstis, I have to say that from a configurability and performance perspective this thing blew me away.
Les Paul junkie on Dec 20, 2012 for Sunrizer synth
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The best
I have more than fifteen midi synth apps on my iPad. This is my favourite. At first glance it looks similar to others in the analog ipad synth genre but there are little glitches in most other synths that just keep sending me back to this one every time I need something solid and reliable.
Ifretless on Dec 19, 2012 for Sunrizer synth
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Sounds Amazing !
Just getting into the synth app world,.. And I must say just coming out of the iPad speakers I am truly amazed,.. This synths sounds absolutely amazing !!! Can't wait to run it through my Fireface 800 into Sonar X2 and combine it with my Virus TI Snow and JV-2080,.. A world of possibilities with this synth,.. A purchase your sure not to regret,. especially if you like atmospheric & Ambient music !
Erik of ~Anzeigen on Dec 18, 2012 for Sunrizer synth
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