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Star Walk
A must have for star gazers
Tidby on Mar 12, 2009 for version 0
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Great app but a suggestion
This is a great app but I wish there was a way to filter out all but the brightest stars for city viewing, it is virtually impossible to figure out what star you're looking at because there are so darn many in the app. I also wish you could make it smaller so you could see more of the sky at its widest. Other than that...brilliant.
raskali on Feb 28, 2009 for version 0
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Great App!
I love this app and use it a lot, however; using it on an iPod Touch the application wants to use location services which are not available on the Touch. It would be nice to enter a Latitude and Longitude position for your location and another nice feature would be the location of the ISS if that was in the area of the night sky that you could see, but all in all a useful application.
EJ Miller on Feb 22, 2009 for version 0
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Star Walk
A must-have for even the most casual of observers. Easy to use, quick to learn.
Deneye on Feb 20, 2009 for version 0
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Stunningly beautiful
Amazing. If only it had a built in compass so I knew which way I was pointing.
tallpsmith on Feb 14, 2009 for version 0
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Great, fantastic - needs moons of Jupiter (please?) and magnitude options
Great for seeing the night sky - any place, any time, any angle! Wonderful for 'what is that bright star?' and 'where is that constellation?" Amazing fluid graphics. Focus on one object and see how it moves in relation to others. Stunning! Two minor things but important things could be improved - I miss not being able to see the moons of Jupiter - disappointing that they don't appear in a search either so no photos. Also it would be great to have a show more / show fewer stars ie an intuitive way to limit the magnitude displayed so that only the brightest are visible.
chris_( on Feb 2, 2009 for version 0
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Beautiful and Fun
I'd actually rate this at 4 1/2. The images are beautiful and the scrolling is very responsive. Plus it has a night view. The only thing it needs ,in my opinion, for a 5 is the ability to specify how much detail to see.
Bobbd2000 on Jan 30, 2009 for version 0
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Good Application
I like this application. Suggestion to the developer though, can you please implement a method to limit the display of objects to those brighter than a given magnitude. This would make it easier to correlate the display with the real sky in light polluted areas. Keep up the good work.
Tim_White on Jan 28, 2009 for version 0
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The perfect companion for eyes
If you have eyes, it would be a great idea to buy this application. It is beautiful, and the wonderful science fiction touches make looking at stars even more fun. I can't recommend this enough, it's fast, fluid, easy on the eyes - even easier on red mode - and if you are like me and are concerned that some day you travel backwards in time and you want something to blow the minds off primitive scientists, this is it. The developers keep on adding features and objects. The only thing I could think to improve it is to include some kind of newbie tour guide to help you get started with binoculars or a first telescope. Furthermore, I have recovered from several minor disorders from using it which makes me think that it might contain the secret of eternal life.
Alazoral on Jan 24, 2009 for version 0
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Great app for when using telescope since the Map changes in real time or you can ffw to a specific time. However I couldnt set a location as a default so i have to set to melbourne every time i load the app. How about being able to set to specific long/lat. Also it would be cool if there is an option to allow for atmosphere. So it represents real life as close as possible. Able to tell show when the sun is going to set/rise. Star walk is a quality app easy to use and no lag it. also used many features found in the PC program stellarium.
dλMiλη on Nov 26, 2008 for version 0
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