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Ok except doesn't always work
Sometimes it can't find a word unless you close down the app and open it again.
CarneCabeza on Dec 22, 2014 for version 3.3
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Really disappointed in the bundle apps. We work on 5 latin works a week and I was looking for apps that allow us to customize to the specific words we r working on. These apps do not allow u to review and practice your specific latin for the week, it's just random words they choose. Also there is no pronouncing so your r guessing the correct way to speak Latin.
bairdy23 on Sep 20, 2014 for version 3.3
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Very good app but with a big problem
App is getting really big (350mb) and there is no way I can find to clean cashe or temporary data. Have to delete it and reinstall frequently. Please fix it
Deliaaaaaaaaaa on Apr 23, 2014 for version 3.3
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Try looking by hand?
I just use the dictionary that is for instant look up, totally different, and deserving of 5 stars before your app. I got an idea. You look by hand and make sure say all Augustine's words come up in definition.
Daf Guitar on Feb 5, 2014 for version 3.3
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Old translations.
This is a very well thought out app and an excellent tool. The issue I have is that the translations I've looked at look like they're a century old or older. I've taken three years of college Latin, and our goal was to translate into grammatically correct, modern English. We created modern English translations that made sense to modern English readers. The time should have been taken to find a modern translation if not create one. That being said, it is a wonderful tool for any Latin student. I would personally work through the original texts instead of using the translations provided.
Kealion on Jan 6, 2013 for version 2.0
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Not impressed with the dictionary
I clicked "look up" on the first four words of Horace's first ode (Maecenas atavis edite regibus). Every definition was completely wrong. Not quite as bad with Caesar, but there were still some howlers.
Rusty Latinist on Jan 5, 2013 for version 2.0
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Very Good App — a couple of features would make it awesome
This app offers a very nice package of Latin resources, which work as advertised. It's got a better collection of resources than any other Latin app I've seen on the App Store. There are just a few more features, however, which would put it over the top: (1) A word-analysis tool – something like the Latin morphological analysis on Perseus, or just the Whitaker's Words program available on the web; put in a form and the tool tells you what it could possibly be — for nouns, which number and case; for verbs, which tense, person, number, mood, voice, etc. (2) If you have the word-analysis tool, you could also search for inflected forms in the dictionary — so you wouldn't have to figure out the root in order to find the vocabulary (3) Last, this would also let you highlight a word in one of the included texts and do an immediate dictionary lookup for it, which would be very helpful to students, instead of flipping back and forth between text and dictionary.
ssawyer on Jun 26, 2012 for version 1.5
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Unresponsive author, scrolling problem
When switching between English and Latin, the scrolling position is not kept. A very significant drawback for me.
Gerases on Jun 25, 2012 for version 1.5
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Waaay too expensive
First off, you can only search for lexical entries without it giving the root of the word. Yes, the app uses a basic version of Whitaker's words, but it is so much less useful then the website. This was my main purpose of buying this app. Second, the translations of historical works don't give line numbers. So you have to fumble through hundreds of lines to find what you're looking for. $6 for this app?!? No way! What a waste of money... Do not be me.
Evil Eel on Mar 5, 2012 for version 1.5
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Great app
This is a great app overall, with only one slightly annoying flaw. There is no ability to bookmark. When I'm reading through vergil and want to check my translation a lot of scrolling is needed. Please add a bookmarking feature!!
Cephas833327372r357;(,3<|rffhvs on Nov 29, 2011 for version 1.5
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