SPQR Latin Dictionary and Reader: Best Latin app Review

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Best Latin app
The latest update is more than I could have asked for!! Now SPQR is not only an incredible Latin reference for the advanced student (most notably the searchable L&S dictionary and excellent Latin authors), but now it is a perfect tool for the high school classroom! There is a flash card feature, which can be shared with students, as well as a new grammar quiz option. Not only can students practice translating and identifying verb forms, but now teachers can create quizzes and informal assessments. This app is fantastic!!
Happy with the dictionary on Aug 18, 2012 for SPQR Latin Dictionary and Reader
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this is the most amazing thing in the universe
If you are worried about paying for this app because of the negative reviews, don't. its AMAZING!!! i am in AP Latin and this app is so helpful. We are translating Caesar and Virgil this year and I love that i don't have to take my books home because the original latin texts are right there. i absolutely love the dictionary. don't listen to people that say its confusing. If you take a few minutes to familiarize yourself with the dictionary, it makes complete sense. I absolutely adore the learning section. It is great for reference and the Comical grammar section makes me smile :) there is also a great grammar game section that I use to brush up on the subjunctive and other verb forms. The quotes and pictures are great. I love the amount of history included in this app. There are complete books in latin and english included, such as the Aeneid. Also, all six volumes of The Decline and Fall of the Roman Empire are included in the history section. AMAZING! Thank you SO much for making this! there is so much information in here! I was debating buying latin textbooks so that i could simply have the original latin of Ovid and Catullus- not anymore! The information included in this app is easily worth hundreds or maybe even thousands of dollars. This is totally worth every penny. As soon as i found this, i sent a message to my old Latin teacher telling her how amazing it is and she will be buying it as well. I will also be buying all of the other Latin apps from this creator. Thank you for making this. I have been nerding out over it and squealing like a little girl since I bought it. The only thing i could recommend is a less formal english translation of Latin text. THANK YOU THANK YOU THANK YOU for making this! Buy it! its totally worth it! even if you only slightly like Latin you will LOVE this app!
idc about a nickname on Aug 12, 2012 for SPQR Latin Dictionary and Reader
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Pretty much the best app of hundreds that I've bought. I use this as a supplement to working through Wheelock's Latin on my own. The grammar test tool would have been worth the price alone.
Unknown Ohio on Jul 30, 2012 for SPQR Latin Dictionary and Reader
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Very Good App — a couple of features would make it awesome
This app offers a very nice package of Latin resources, which work as advertised. It's got a better collection of resources than any other Latin app I've seen on the App Store. There are just a few more features, however, which would put it over the top: (1) A word-analysis tool – something like the Latin morphological analysis on Perseus, or just the Whitaker's Words program available on the web; put in a form and the tool tells you what it could possibly be — for nouns, which number and case; for verbs, which tense, person, number, mood, voice, etc. (2) If you have the word-analysis tool, you could also search for inflected forms in the dictionary — so you wouldn't have to figure out the root in order to find the vocabulary (3) Last, this would also let you highlight a word in one of the included texts and do an immediate dictionary lookup for it, which would be very helpful to students, instead of flipping back and forth between text and dictionary.
ssawyer on Jun 26, 2012 for SPQR Latin Dictionary and Reader
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Unresponsive author, scrolling problem
When switching between English and Latin, the scrolling position is not kept. A very significant drawback for me.
Gerases on Jun 25, 2012 for SPQR Latin Dictionary and Reader
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Waaay too expensive
First off, you can only search for lexical entries without it giving the root of the word. Yes, the app uses a basic version of Whitaker's words, but it is so much less useful then the website. This was my main purpose of buying this app. Second, the translations of historical works don't give line numbers. So you have to fumble through hundreds of lines to find what you're looking for. $6 for this app?!? No way! What a waste of money... Do not be me.
Evil Eel on Mar 5, 2012 for SPQR Latin Dictionary and Reader
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