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Nice easy to use enhancement.
I tried a whole battery of equalizers and audio enhancers, but ended up coming back to this app for using headphones. Equalizers are great and can help balance and adjust sound to your liking, but a little enhancement, which is what this app does, is always welcome. The only suggestion I would have would be to make the presets area a little more self-explanatory. I like being able to save my presets, but I can't figure out how exactly to do that. Great app. Thanks!
Atanguay on Feb 9, 2013 for SonicMax Pro
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I love music, but wasted 3 bucks!!
Don't bother buying this for your iPhone. It won't play 95% of your music. Their DRM policy prohibits most tunes from even loading. Even tunes I bought right off iTunes won't play! Forget it.
stevetech33 on Feb 7, 2013 for SonicMax Pro
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Sounds Awesome
Big fan of BBE products and this does not cease to provide very good quality sound. Bass boost and options to choose frequencies for bass boost has made a very nice touch along with the user-set devices for a more customizable. Getting sound clarity and mid-high to high frequency boosting is also a nice feature. Great app. *A little for those who need help using this app* Lo Contour - bass boost BBE Process - High Frequency (Treble) iSet (kHz) - Mid frequency boost (500Hz to 1,400Hz) Sound Field - changes the depth of field (like surround sound) Mach3 Bass - changes the frequency at which the Mach3 Gain boosts (From 40Hz to 300Hz [40Hz is more like deep, rumbling bass and anywhere from 100Hz to 300Hz is low mid-bass. 60Hz is the tight, punchy bass which I recommend]) Mach3 Gain - boosts the frequency you chose in the Mach3 Bass knob.
Bently34 on Jan 27, 2013 for SonicMax Pro
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Awesome, if it works.
Only works intermittently. Songs will not play, even after manually syncing them to my iPhone 5. Some songs play, others just freeze and crash the app. Fix this, and it gets 5 stars.
lytle j on Jan 27, 2013 for SonicMax Pro
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Amazing Sound with Minor Bugs
I use this app on my 5th Gen IPod Touch with My Audio-Technica ATH-M50s and run Apple Lossless files. I was looking to improve the sq on my iPod and boy did this do the trick. This is a massive improvement over the default player. It makes the old player sound flat, lifeless and lacking detail. I even switched back and forth between players many times to verify it. This app gives me plenty of control and customization, more than I would ever expect to have on an iPod. This player made all the genres I threw at it shine and breathed some life into some old favorites. Wether it be Rock, Metal, Electronic, Hip Hop/Rap, Acoustic this app handled them all. The only reason I couldn't give this app a perfect 5 stars was due to its interface and a few bugs I encountered which I list here: • When selecting a track the player will skip up to 2 seconds into the song. This can become very annoying. • The player will either skip to the next track even though there are 2 seconds left on the track. Or if its the last track on your play list it will stop playing with those 2 seconds left unplayed. • I'd really like the player to feel more natural, quicker and easier to navigate threw. Something as simple as having the settings button on the now playing screen would cut out having to flip to a different page just to access it. It's simple fixes really. BBE has a quality app that just needs a tad bit of refinement when it comes to the interface and gapless playback. I'd highly recommend this app to anyone looking to get the most out of there iPod on a budget. Even more so if you own a decent pair of headphones. At 2.99 this is a great value for the money. I hope BBE continues to update and improve this app.
Manny9162 on Jan 19, 2013 for SonicMax Pro
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Great sound enhancement. What I've come to expect from BBE. Make an iPad specific version (please) and allow free upgrade for buying phone version on iPad. Would be helpful too if it worked on live stream or movies in your library.
Go18&12 on Jan 11, 2013 for SonicMax Pro
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