SonicMax Pro: May dampen overall levels and vocals Review

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May dampen overall levels and vocals
Updated for MP gain version: MP Gain seems to help with overall sound a LOT. I recommend you reset all the presets so they take the right MP Gain amount. Now vocals sound a lot better. I still will leave it at 4 stars since I think what it really needs is a database of listening devices that's beyond the generic. But, overall, great update, BBE team! Older review: Took one star off since I feel it lowers overall sound output (definitely not a loudness compressor) plus it doesn't sound as good for some vocals (I tried to tweak it but don't seem to be able to get anywhere). The huge plus with BBE though is it only consumes 5% CPU so if you're not using a power cable, it's not a big deal. I also tried the Aphex Xciter Silver product and that does seem to make vocals very clean but it does take about 15% of CPU to do its thing. Still, that's way better than the 100% the SRS MyTunes takes (big battery hog even though it does sound great). In general though - all those post-processing tools are for recordings with "issues". If your source material is pristine and has solid sound engineering, then there's no need. D
Dikrek on Nov 7, 2013 for SonicMax Pro
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Great update
New look is a lot better. New navigation is a lot better. Having the MP knob is nice too. Thanks
tremelo68 on Nov 7, 2013 for SonicMax Pro
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Great i0S 7 update for a great app!
When I downloaded the new update this morning, one of my fears was that I would have to readjust my settings from the old versions. Imagine my relief when I hit settings on the i0S 7 version and saw my original settings still intact! Thanks BBE and Thirsty Boy! Plus, with the new MP gain setting, it takes the listening experience to a whole new level! I don't need to turn the volume up as much now with this setting. The new interface is great and more user friendly. Also, the album cover art is now "In Your Face" like the Apple music app and the scrub bar is easier to use. The only reason why it doesn't get five stars from me is because it still cuts off the first two seconds off the start off the first song you play when you first open up the app. Also, the last two seconds are cut off of the last song if you're playing an album. If they can ever fix this problem, this app would be perfect. Otherwise, it shines!
Boogie66 on Nov 6, 2013 for SonicMax Pro
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Thank you for the update! Love It!
This app makes music sound incredible on any speaker! Unlike other apps, you can customize each preset to get the best sound out of your speakers. The update addresses the issue of lost vocals by adding the MP Gain dial. Other noticeable refinements in the audio quality are much appreciated. User interface is much improved, thank you! I would still like to see support for iTunes Radio and also video. Add those features and this app will truly be unbeatable! Thank you again for this excellent update!
pop-ups on Nov 6, 2013 for SonicMax Pro
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Buggy, digital distortion
After the iOS7 look the app is the same but the "MP Gain" knob has to be used in moderation because it introduces digital distortion, and the application works as advertised. Some bugs and crashes when selecting songs. But its worth hearing your audio correctly. But again dont push any knob past 12o'clock or else it will become over saturated or the application will introduce digital distortion.
Capnjap on Nov 6, 2013 for SonicMax Pro
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New version review update: I just updated 3 seconds ago, and whenever I view a list, there is a line the width of the status bar right under the real status bar, and it blocks my view of certain items. Please fix this, I am using an iPod touch 4th generation running ios 6.1.3 Thank you!! ___________________________________ Main review: This is a wonderful app! I've tested it thoroughly and it is WAY better than the default apple music player. The thing is, I noticed it added some scrubbing on the on and off switch when turned off. I thought that was switching between default and BBE. I wish I could have cover flow though... Also, when you use the letter section thing on the right side, it takes you 1 letter lower than you intended. I have canal phones, and was confused with which setting to use, and realized that the "earplugs" setting did not work efficiently with canal phones, but does with real earplugs. It would drown my music in too much bass and gain, but when I put it on "headphones" it was a lot better. I would appreciate it if there were categories for each type of player, like a section for in-ear, headwear, sound bars, docks, stereo systems, etc.... Thanks for listening to my suggestions, and thanks for the awesome app!! I really appreciate your work and hope to see more awesome apps in the future!!!
Jimmy Jo bob/hillbilly on Nov 6, 2013 for SonicMax Pro
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