SonicMax Pro: Great sound quality, needs work though. Review

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Great sound quality, needs work though.
And great control instead of just a couple presets to pick from. However, as an app in general I have some problems with it. 1. The way the app organizes songs (except playlists) is unpractical and a little frustrating. 2. The app can be frustrating to navigate as well. There isn't really a quick "one click/tap" to jump from the music being played to the equalizer or mixer. 3. When I double click the home button and slide over to where the normal music player controls are they don't work well with the app.... I can only pause songs, not skip or go back. 4. Although the app does use my already present album art, the use of it is almost non-existent and I feel like I'm using some kind of bootleg free music app. Seeing the album artwork is important to how a song sounds to me. After using this app for over month I feel that my review is as accurate as its going to get. This needs a new interface the already existing one is okay at best. I had to delete this app from my phone as it was taking up too much space is not practical in my opinion. If anybody reading this feel I was nitpicking, then they would be correct. It's not often I pay $5 for one app.
J Healy on Jun 19, 2012 for SonicMax Pro
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Sonic excellence
The improvements of this app are astounding. I like being able to "see ahead" when playing random songs. Well worth the price.
owenhewitt on Jun 7, 2012 for SonicMax Pro
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Huge sound improvement
I don't mind paying for apps that work and boy does this one work. The sound improvement is like adding a mini amp to your touch or iPhone with the ability to tweak the sound. I've used it with earbuds like yuin pk3's, sennheiser mx 580 and with UE's triple-fi 10's and this app has greatly enhanced the sound on all of them. I've used a lot of mp3 players in the past and always felt the iPod line had the poorest sound out of all of them even with great phones, but when listening to music through this app, it feels like the sound quality is up there with the best of them. $5.00 well spent and I don't say that about many apps.
callanish11 on Jun 6, 2012 for SonicMax Pro
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What a fun and cool app
We use BBE products in our production studio (film/audio) and when I saw this little app I thought i'd give it a try. Love it. Makes all of my earbuds and cans sound great from the cheapies to the notso cheapies. It's like someone took a "blanket" off the speakers. Also sounds great in the company van and in our living room as at times I will create a playlist on the iPhone for entertainment. Have a nice audiophile system and this little app really helps define the audio quality. The key is to use it a bit subtly as it is easy to overuse nearly any audio app or device. BBE makes some really great products and this one is no diff. Highly recommended.
cratonian on May 16, 2012 for SonicMax Pro
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Just amazing
elsmiley on May 9, 2012 for SonicMax Pro
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Simply Amazing!
This App is simply Amazing! I have had portable audio products before with BBE sound enhancements. One that comes to mind was an old and very high end (at the time) Aiwa cassette walkman. It had BBE processing with 3 adjustable levels and a bass booster. That was when I fell in love with BBE processing. Now with it on my iPhone - I'm in Heaven. Sure, I rip my audio using AAC at 256kbps VBR, very decent quality, and listening on my iPhone, with a quality set of Sennheiser headphones, I thought this was great…. until I found the BBE app. WOW! Blew my socks off! The same audio processing I came to love way back then, but now updated and on my phone. It has breathed a completely new life into my music, and has really made it a sonic pleasure to listen to, or (Audiogasm) as I've come to call it. Crisper highs, more well defined lows, and you can even tune in that mid (vocal) sweet spot to get it just right. The Sound Field control is brilliant. It lets you basically set the stage for your music by widening the stereo separation. So, If you are serious about listening to music, you need this app. I'm so glad I found it.
mrallgood on May 8, 2012 for SonicMax Pro
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