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Would be a decent app if..
If we had the option to "not see" certain submitted photos every time we use the app. I can load Instagram when i feel like viewing random pics of strangers doing random activities indoors. I would prefer to see only weather-related pics here, so having a choice to permanently dismiss certain pics would've made this app a keeper for me.
DistractedOnce on Jun 22, 2013 for SKYE Weather+Photo
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Ants.... on Jun 7, 2013 for SKYE Weather+Photo
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No Celsius??
Seriously? Good app, but it is used not only in US. Fix, please.
cezarus on Apr 6, 2013 for SKYE Weather+Photo
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Completely useless...
This is a weather app, right?! So how is it that it is so far off the actual real weather. This morning it said it was 8
Markeymark69 on Apr 2, 2013 for SKYE Weather+Photo
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Seems interesting
Melissa sent me here. Seems like a cool concept!
KawaiiTAM on Mar 15, 2013 for SKYE Weather+Photo
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Great Concept, Needs Refinement
Let me start by saying that I love the IDEA of this app, I can only hope this app doesn't get neglected. A couple previous reviews have stated that there is no Celsius option, I'm not sure if these are outdated reviews but there is definitely a Celsius option. Another review reports that it is not as detailed as some of the other weather apps available, which is accurate. You will not find satellite/radar maps, webcam feeds, or literally being told what to wear when you leave the house. It will give you the basics that you would expect from a weather app, current temperature, hourly forecast (8 hours), weekly forecast (7 days), multiple cities, and social integration with Facebook and Twitter. The last complaint was that it had trouble locating the correct city, which is entirely possible, however living in Seattle I haven’t had any problems with location. The great idea part of this app centers around sort of a “Instagram of Weather” feature. Users can take a picture of current conditions and share it quickly in the app (other Skye users can view them), it can also be posted to Facebook or Twitter. You can also choose a descriptive “Weather Term” which shows up on the front page of the app right under the current conditions, generally this is not necessarily helpful, occasionally I’ll get a chuckle out of some of the terms people use to describe weather. Pros: -Simple, basic weather information, not a lot of clutter. -Social weather. See the weather people are experiencing right now. Cons: -Seems a little slow when opening, and when updating conditions. -UI is finicky, sometimes difficult to gesture in the right spot without getting something you weren’t expecting (swiping from the top to the bottom will flip between cities, but it is very easy to pull the notification center by accident). -Very occasional crashes. - Social needs more social. One of my favorite aspects of the app struggles simply because there are not enough people using the app. AOL needs to clean up some of the usability issues that WILL turn users off. I hope AOL doesn’t neglect this app, I don’t think the ‘cons’ of the app are insurmountable but it definitely needs attention. Also some feature additions would be nice, such as the ability to “follow” specific users, comments on photos, maybe some type of voting system that could push the timely and accurate representations of current conditions to the top of the feed, and of course an easier or clearer to navigate UI.
SaCaSea on Mar 9, 2013 for SKYE Weather+Photo
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