Silly Owls: A very fun little game Review

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A very fun little game
Silly Owls is a very fun little game. It's not the best game in the world, but it does provide fun for a few hours. There's three game modes: two level modes with different methods (and totally different levels) with 30 levels each. There's also a fun little skateboarding survival mode where you play an owl on a banana skateboard. Lots of fun, just don't try explaining it to your friends. There's also Game Center and Open Feint achievements and a leaderboard for survival. Now with that comes one thing that would be nice to change. It currently uses stars (3 per level) but no method of score beyond that, and no leaderboards for the level modes. To add a little more enjoyment to the game, it would be nice to add some sort of scoring to levels (i.e. stars are worth a lot of points and the rest of points is a time bonus or bonus for items unused). I'd also like to see a 'distance leaderboard' for the banana skateboarding owl. In it, you collect stars as you go until you die, and that's how you score points. If you also did it by distance, you could add double the fun for leaderboards on survival mode. The sound and music were pleasant and the music fit the game well, though I'll admit I didn't care for the sound of the rubber band twanging, it kind of felt a touch off. Overall it was a very enjoyable game though. A few tweaks and it could be about perfect. 4.5/5 until then, but on the app store we round up, don't we?
DodgerBlue016 on Aug 22, 2011 for Silly Owls
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A promising game. Just some minor improvement and we have a winner here :)
After some levels on this game and here is my thought and review: The good thing: 1) Graphic is surprisingly nice as it has retina display support. 2) Gameplay is easy and the quick tutorial is perfect. However, I would like to say that easy gameplay doesn't mean the puzzle is easy to beat. This game is indeed challenging. 3) Concept is unique and interesting. It is like Angry Bird + Cut The Rope style. The sling and brake concept is very interesting in this game. Things that can be improve: 1) Please add a shortcut key for Replay. It is easier to press than to access the menu first. 2) The music is quite repetitive and I find it a bit boring after a while. 3) Also, if the sling shots are used up and the owl still did not meet the goal when it is idle, please add some animation for restart(like level fail). I wasted all the shots and found that the owl just sits there waiting for restart. UNLESS you intend to mean that the owls is silly (Afterall this is Silly Owls right? ) 4) If possible, add a storyline to this game, a short animation or story will do. I still can't infer why the owls are silly. 5) Like someone mentioned, the levels are abit imbalance and maybe some levels tweaking are required. 6) Add a scoring system to the game so that the leaderboard will be meaningful. Scoring can be based on playing time and etc. Overall, I can see a potential in this game and I think if this game is tweaked further, this could be a promising game. Hope to see better updates in the future.
Chronology7 on Aug 21, 2011 for Silly Owls
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3 games in one!
Silly Owls is a great package of 2 physics based games and an endless runner, all with clean and cute graphics. The physics games are clearly the stars here, each using a separate mechanic to get the owl to its home. The levels start out quite simple to get you familiar with the controls, but bring as bit of challenge as you progress. I am amused by the runner (an owl skateboarding on a banana, lol) but I'm not yet comfortable with the controls. Perhaps it will grow on me. Overall, a universal physics game with 60 levels and a mini game, all for a buck! No complaints here :)
cjsbug on Aug 20, 2011 for Silly Owls
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This is a great physics/casual game! There's three different types of games with each owl representing one type. Every game type is actually very fun. My favorite is definitely Woody because it seems very easy but it's so hard, even the first level! And that's a compliment. I've seen games that just holds your hand but this is something very different. since you actually have to use your skill and judgement to get all three stars unlike some other popular game *coughangrybirdscough*. Along with that and the cute music and the cute owls, this makes it an awesome game! And really, there is a huge potential for this game to grow to support new types. There are some feature requests that I would like to make. 1. In the Woody levels, the jump button is on the left while the duck button is on the right. I'm really used to having the jump button on the right for some reason. If you can update it so the user can choose between those two settings, I think it will be a little easier since I seem to press jump when I meant to duck. 2. I don't see any way to view my GameCenter achievements and leader boards from within the app. I'm not talking about OpenFeint but I would just like to view my achievements inside the app. Currently, when I press "Scores" an OpenFeint window pops up and I don't really want to sig. up for that. I know I can quit the app and view my scores by going to the GC app but that's a bit inconvenient. ;) 3. A distinct reload button. If I mess up, I want to be able to hit reload right away instead of hitting the pause button and then restarting the level. If you can put a reload button on the top right or something, that'd be grand. :) 4. I would of course love more levels! As I said, there is a huge potential for this game and if you keep it updated and fresh, I'm sure that this game will be epic! Thanks for making this game Pinch Owls!
Rorschach90 on Aug 20, 2011 for Silly Owls
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Fun and Addictive!
Silly Owls is a mixture of action and puzzle game. Although the gameplay has been borrowed from some of the famous titles (Angry birds/Cut the rope anyone), with a great level design and fantastic visuals the game is quite addictive and a blast to play. The game includes 3 different gameplay styles-the traditional sling shot (Doory), the cut the rope type gameplay (Hooty) and lastly the endless runner type gameplay (Woody). The music is quite apt although it gets a little repetitive after some time. Some things that I would love to see as future updates are as follows:- 1) A replay button especially for the Doory and Hooty levels 2) More power ups/jumping options in survival mode 3) Lastly, more levels Overall, if you are a fan of puzzle/action games Silly owls is a must buy especially at such a low price for Universal version.
Rokrdude2 on Aug 20, 2011 for Silly Owls
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AWESOME !!!!! Great game with polish graphics, lovely sounds, simple controls and Game Center support - Leaderboard and 16 Achievements. Very addictive and funny. Easy to play but difficult to put down.
Marcio Arruda on Aug 20, 2011 for Silly Owls
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