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Waste of Money
I use the free version of this application quite a bit. I thought I would give this a shot up "upgrade" to this Shazam. Turns out, you have fewer options you can use when you look up a song. On the plus side it does listen quickers. HOWEVER! The songs are only recognized MAYBE 50% of the time at best. Usually the songs cannot be recognized over the ATT 3G network, it only freezes up. It works a decent ammount of time if your on a WiFi network. The Free version does work over the 3G network when this one cannot. If it were possible for me to get a refund I would ask for one.
RoqueCub on Dec 14, 2009 for (Shazam)RED
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Some reviewers are shills for the competition
Review apps on the merits of their performance, not because you are a biased reviewer for the competition. A number of users update their negative reviews with each release of a competitive app. Ignore and seek an honest review. With the (red) release, Shazam shows initiative for community service with a heart. Shazam has a solid app with good performance and a feature set which compares well to the other music identification apps available. Some improvements could be made to speed, but Shazam has a good track record for feature upgrades.
groupofone on Dec 13, 2009 for (Shazam)RED
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Happy, thanks!!
Love the great new features....nice job!
LizZzzNY on Dec 12, 2009 for (Shazam)RED
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what's wring with this app?!
i can't even tag 1 single song, app freezes every time I tag a song during the "matching" screen. Is anybody else having the same issue?
BobDobolina on Dec 11, 2009 for (Shazam)RED
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Great app but it should be 95%!
It's a great app don't get me wrong!!! And I us it for everything from proving who plays the song to my friends, too finding my absolute favorite band!!! BUT shazam you REALLY need to make the amount your contributing HIGHER!!! I mean it's not like you work each time somone buys the shazam app! And I'm not saying you didn't work hard to make shazam, but now it's just a continues flow of money that YOU REALLY DONT NEED AND THAT PEOPLE IN AFRICA REALLY DO!!! and you still get money if you put the contribution at less than 100%, but if you think about it if you keep the contribution amount at only 20% (just $1) than to REALLY LIKE ACUALLY HELP in Africa MILLIONS of people would have to buy this app!!! Your not curing AIDs with a few hundred dollars! You really won't even start to make a differense with that AMOUNT!!! so please make the contribution higher (like 95%!) please
Zak3 on Dec 8, 2009 for (Shazam)RED
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Sweet app
I haven't compared this with anything else but I love this app. I have had maybe two misses on 60 attempts. Even in fairly high ambient noise( loud conversation ) . Love it.
c0ppert0p on Dec 7, 2009 for (Shazam)RED
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