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(RED)headed stepchildren
That's how Shazam thinks of those of us who bought this version of the app, right? You should see their responses to update questions on Twitter. "Coming soon!" "If Apple quickly approves when we submit." It's the stereotypical "The check's in the mail" response. May as well take your time with this update now, Shazam. I can't imagine you losing any more credibility at this point. Edit: Shazam's Twitter page has vanished. So Shazam proved me wrong. Apparently they were able to lose more credibility.
synchronicityof99 on Oct 2, 2010 for (Shazam)RED
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Forgotten (RED) users?
The (RED) version is technically the *same* as the full, regular version. The only difference is the branding. How hard can it be to update the (RED) version alongside the regular one? It looks like users who bought this version have been completely forgotten by the Shazam folks. I wonder when (if) the (RED) version will be updated to v3 :-
Cortig on Oct 1, 2010 for (Shazam)RED
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I bought this trying to help a GOOD cause and got screwed out of updates!!!!
djIsoMetric on Oct 1, 2010 for (Shazam)RED
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Shazam free is now up to 3.0.4
Shazam free is up to 3.0.4 Shazam Encore is up to 3.0 Shazam (Red) is still only 2.2.3 What's up with that? Will Shazam (Red) ever catch up?
Snaab on Oct 1, 2010 for (Shazam)RED
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no update for (shazam)red users?
I bought Shazam because I didn't like the sudden 5 song limit in the free version. To support a better cause, I purchased the red edition. However, it's been like a month or more since both the free version and the regular Encore version have been updated with retina display support, multitasking and whatnot - but not this version. I don't understand what's so difficult? Are red graphics taking longer to resubmit than blue ones? ... Didn't think so. On top of that, I also learned I might have been eligible for having the 5 song limit on the free version removed, because I downloaded the free app before it was limited. Thanks for taking my five bucks. Also, none of the songs I tag get the album art and previews and all the "new features" from the app description. And no, it's not because I'm tagging random unknown songs. :-(
Mike Ferak on Sep 28, 2010 for (Shazam)RED
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Great cause but no update?
It seems unfair that us who bought the product and took advantage of the opportunity to donate to a great cause are getting screwed out of an update...!!! At least the make it retina display friendly...!!!
xxjesus2004xx on Sep 28, 2010 for (Shazam)RED
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