(Shazam)RED: A Marketing Scam, Truly Disappointing Review

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A Marketing Scam, Truly Disappointing
I was totally happy with the original free version, but I thought it would be great to get a new & improved version, while also supporting a good cause. Well, this version crashes repeatedly upon opening, and also when it's listening and matching. Rarely do I get results, even for easy popular songs. Why sell something to people that doesn't work. It's really a marketing scam. I'm glad to support a good cause, but please deliver what you promise! I don't know how an app that's so prone to errors could be released. Give us deserving consumers an update that fixes these obvious faults. Shame on you!
Zeee-Lite on Dec 15, 2009 for (Shazam)RED
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Totally disappointing.
I've been a Shazam user since I bought my iPhone 3G the first day it came out, I was always amazed by the quality of the product, being free it was a fantastic addition to my phone, I can easily say that it was the app I used the most and one of the few ones that really 'wow'ed people when using it in public. Then the months went by and the superbly light app started to get sluggish and slow, the new features were great thou like location based tagging and Twitter support, when the ads took over it was pretty obvious that a paid version was coming, even thou Shazam was no longer the efficient piece of software it started as, it was still good. With that good taste still in my mind I gladly payed five dollars for this paid version, helping fight AIDS AND getting everything that the paid version of Shazam had to offer was a no brainer. How disappointed I am, my first review was a pledge to the developers to remove the ads, something that even as annoying and sluggish make the application it was still manageable, but then as I started to use it I realized that it works only 10% of the time! The software freezes when 'Matching' the song to the servers! It is unbelievable that even weeks after it's release there a patch has not been released. This is not only a bad app but a scam, please developers, have the decency to make it usable as soon as possible. Thanks, and keep away.
VVoltz on Dec 15, 2009 for (Shazam)RED
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Great app, need to transfer tags
I have always loved Shazam (free version), and never felt like I needed a paid version, but I did end up buying this version, primarily because I do support (Product)RED. Two things need to change to give this 5 stars, the ads should be removed, since you have the About (RED) section already, and the tags made in the free Shazam app need to be imported to this version...it doesn't make sense that I would pay for the app as someone who is upgrading, and not be able to pull those tags I have already made to this new app.
breadicus on Dec 14, 2009 for (Shazam)RED
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2thumbs up!
I like that it was creates for the cause and I have no issues/problems with it!! :]]
tropicalbrunette on Dec 14, 2009 for (Shazam)RED
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Waste of Money
I use the free version of this application quite a bit. I thought I would give this a shot up "upgrade" to this Shazam. Turns out, you have fewer options you can use when you look up a song. On the plus side it does listen quickers. HOWEVER! The songs are only recognized MAYBE 50% of the time at best. Usually the songs cannot be recognized over the ATT 3G network, it only freezes up. It works a decent ammount of time if your on a WiFi network. The Free version does work over the 3G network when this one cannot. If it were possible for me to get a refund I would ask for one.
RoqueCub on Dec 14, 2009 for (Shazam)RED
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Some reviewers are shills for the competition
Review apps on the merits of their performance, not because you are a biased reviewer for the competition. A number of users update their negative reviews with each release of a competitive app. Ignore and seek an honest review. With the (red) release, Shazam shows initiative for community service with a heart. Shazam has a solid app with good performance and a feature set which compares well to the other music identification apps available. Some improvements could be made to speed, but Shazam has a good track record for feature upgrades.
groupofone on Dec 13, 2009 for (Shazam)RED
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