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Not exiting.
The only thing the app has going for it is the ability to record knob movements. This can be done with many other apps and coreMIDI. The sounds. Are not too great. It is grainy sounding and not inspiring. Not worth the money.
analoghaze on Aug 19, 2012 for Scythe
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Great Synth
One of my favorite ipad synths. Layout is intuitive and love the ui. I like to see a developer using Ableton style 2d knob design etc vs taking up CPU to display traditional 3d knobs. Sonically goes head to head with Alchemy or any of the other pro level synths imo. Good range of va to granular. Not sure any other synth covers the same territory really.
mrevmrev on Jun 12, 2012 for Scythe
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yes, but
i like this app. is it me, or does it seem like the update from 6 jan has made certain patches distort quite a bit? found that annoying. wish: i love the bend function, but it would be nice if the bend looped back into itself. long tones yield a fair amount of bend and then settle on the last value and stay there. would be far more interesting if the bending continued for the full length of the held note. similarly, it would be nice if the bends were voiced for each new "key stroke," as opposed to being global based on the first note hit. the textures that you can create would be way more interesting. otherwise, nice job.
steubig on Jan 9, 2012 for Scythe
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Looks interesting
Just bought it. Don't know where"Grain Bender" comes from since this isn't a grain synthesis app. I'm surprised that the preset section does not have an "Are you sure" type challenge as it is VERY easy to accidentally delete presets. Needs key/note hold otherwise it doesn't do a lot of good allowing multiple simultaneous control adjustments if you have to release the note to do that. More to follow. Also, I found that you can not give user created presets a user defined name. Like i have three presets called "User: Pad Stringy" that have completely different sounds. Oh Really!?
Eriptron on Jan 8, 2012 for Scythe
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This rocks
This update I have been waiting for for some time now. So excited to be able to use background audio and virtual midi (which works great so far except for getting stuck/freezing twice while closing genome). Thank you for making my day burgerkone, this rocks!
Obis11 on Jan 6, 2012 for Scythe
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So there are a lot of very cool synth apps floating around. Some I've been withholding judgment on because I wanted to spend more time with them... Some I came back and slammed a few min after paying for because the just sucked. This... One is unique and engaging in ways I can only describe by telling you what it isn't. Does it employ some type of "exotic" synthesis? Ground breaking sonic wizardry never before witnessed on planet earth? Not really.... Super mysterious sound morphing algorithms? Nope. Faithfully reproduces the look and sound of an XYZ-PDQ 5000, complete with cig burns and propensity to create ear splitting self oscillation if tweaked wrong? Negative. But the interface just invites you to play... It lets you add interesting automation to a sound with an simple and instantly rewarding control scheme. And it's got a frigging preset called "She doesn't take her pills so I do." If you have an interest in synthesis... Even if you just want to make some cool noises. Make this your first iPad sound app. I really wish I had :-)
Buddy Lingus on Dec 8, 2011 for Scythe
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