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Buyers beware: Cells cannot expand!
Nice looking design but of very little use. You cannot expand the CELLS. The cells use a AVERAGE method to determine field size. In other words it takes the average of all the cell sizes and fixes it as the MAX size. If you have notes or long company names the CELLs will show up as <ABC INDUSTR.....> The word INDUSTRIAL DESIGN COMPANY will be cut off and not viewable. I tried it with IPHONE and IPAD. Same issue. Huge design flaw
BBB888 on Dec 28, 2010 for Roambi Analytics
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Stunning visually, but falls short on functionality
Very excited at the stunning visualizations and the idea of seeing my own data appear I downloaded this app. After playing around with the sample data I tried going to their website on my iPad only to discover that it's in Flash. Flash isn't supported on the iPad or iPhone so that was a bit disappointing. Undaunted, I went to the site on my laptop and created a free account. I think this is an example of a really great and potentially powerful idea that didn't follow through well on execution. The flashed site elements are kind of pretty, but they aren't functionally done well. Button hotspots don't line up with the actual buttons, so you sit there and move the mouse around until you get a cursor - then you click. And, even though I downloaded their template for the pie charts and replaced the data in the worksheet with some dummy data, the web interface wouldn't display the data as a report. Whoever recommended that they use Flash for this though - that person really torpedoed RoamBI and clearly did not understand the impact of the decision - it renders the product pretty useless to iPad/iPhone users. This product has a lot of potential, we'd love to use it - but it needs some serious repairs first.
OmgSeriously on Nov 29, 2010 for Roambi Analytics
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Good idea, but you have to register for RoamBi Publisher to download your own docs, and that requires Adobe Flash, which Apple doesn't support. So, you have a useless iPad App, and no one at the company to respond to inquiries.
Ralphy10001 on Nov 26, 2010 for Roambi Analytics
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I guess I'm cluless
I have run the app, looked at support info, scanned the forums...and still have NO clue what this app is for,how to use it - or why anyone needs it. Might be a good idea to have a basic bullet-point outline of what "data" can be used, a one-line "upload (stuff) from (program) and Roambi will let you see (whatever the heck the point is)". If anyone managing a business needed to see pretty pictures at will of info they should have a handle on anyway they're probably better off downloading "your-bankruptcy-in-20-pretty-screens-of-negative-numbers.app". So is this thing just a multicolor report regenerator? Do you export all your data from your accounting system to Excel and upload it to Roambi so you can look at it for a third time -but in color? I guess i need to check with my Department of Redundacy Department to ensure I need the data again...again. In other words - is there actually a need for this? I can't tell since I still don't know what it does.
sliffz on Oct 30, 2010 for Roambi Analytics
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I can't believe I didn't use this before. I love this app! I have my company's data with me at all times and can analyze it wherever I go. The graphs are amazing and it's very easy to use. Great product!
GreatProduct on Oct 10, 2010 for Roambi Analytics
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I downloaded this after reading Apple's business apps section on their website. I wanted to use this as a better way to analyze excel spreadsheets on my iPad that are emailed to me daily. I had no problem setting up a free account online but in order finish the setup online you must have adobe flash installed to create the 'publisher'. I didn't realize I needed my laptop to correctly use an iPad app. Kind of defeats the purpose if you ask me.
Clear1 on Sep 14, 2010 for Roambi Analytics
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