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This review is the 20th edit; it kept saying the nickname was taken! Who cares about the stupid nickname anyway? Why should that cause all typing to dissapear completely? Just take my word for it, this app is good!
wut iz up with the nicknames? on Aug 27, 2015 for version 1.5
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Awesome app!!
I don't give five stars easily. The developers thought of many great features that make programming easy. I use it to solve project Euler problems. 😊
P5a0u9l on Aug 22, 2015 for version 1.5
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Beautiful and cool
I would give it 5 stars if the examples were not in the top-level directory, where they create visual pollution and annoy an organised mind.
1955nah on Aug 13, 2015 for version 1.5
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This is an amazing app. The only one I have so far that makes me want to write a review! Buy it if you want to write software on your iPad.
mstoth on Aug 5, 2015 for version 1.5
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Great learning tool
This is fun and it link to workflow.
iSandPiper on Aug 4, 2015 for version 1.5
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Python 2
This app is great for coding on the go, but as I am just getting into the programming world, Python being my first language, I wish I would have known before buying this app that it was for Python2. It isn't a huge deal, but since the syntax is a little different in Python3 there are certain things I can't figure out and find myself having to look it up online and "transpose" my code. When I bought the app a while ago I did not realize there were noticeable differences between Python2 and Python3. Had I know I would have waited for a new app. Still worth the money, especially if you have been coding with Python for a while and have experience with Python2! :)
AndreasEdlef_DK on Jul 30, 2015 for version 1.5
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Error checker is buggy
Pythonista's error checker is buggy. I wrote a statement in my program: print "*" * 5 and wanted to get this output: ***** When I tried to run my program Pythonista highlighted the line print "*" * 5 in red and I spent almost an hour testing this statement only for it to run correctly on every single 2.7 interpreter I tried (OS X, my university's web server account, ideone.com). So, I thought I was crazy until I noticed that a closing parentheses was missing from the line ABOVE it. Pythonista was highlighting the correct line in red and ignoring the line with the error. Please fix this and make sure this app highlights the correct line! Otherwise, users will waste time trying to debug correct code. Where is the turtle module? Students use this to learn the basics of calling functions from modules. This is an inadequate Python IDE.
Moonracer0120 on Jul 23, 2015 for version 1.5
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I've been a developer for 20 years…
…and I didn't know Python. So the idea of programming on an iPad, let alone learning a new language, seemed crazy, but this editor is just fantastic. Even the onscreen keyboard makes the whole process a dream—with shortcuts to all the keys you need. Bonus: built in language tutorial and reference. Well worth the price. Note: I had some reluctance in buying this because it hasn't been updated in a year, but it works great on iOS 8.x. From one dev to another: At least update the app every few months, if only to bump the version number and let potential customers know it's still supported.
WokaWokaWoka on Jul 19, 2015 for version 1.5
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Easy to use Perfect Python I LOVE it!!!!!! It's simplistic style allows easy coding while the short cuts for tab quotes etc. are fantastic MUST recommend
Pokeboy123222 on Jul 13, 2015 for version 1.5
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Freaking AMAZING!
I was blown away
ffariajr on Jul 8, 2015 for version 1.5
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