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I don't think there was a day in the summer where I wasn't on this app. I find it very fun, and a great way to make new friends. However, it is weighed down by the addition of tickets as currency, and the admins' refusal to mute certain people in the comment section, who clearly deserve to be muted.
Nick01815 on Jan 11, 2015 for version 5.4.2
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In app purchases and terrible app
Like comic book guy says on the simpsons "worst app ever" this is a pretty terrible app all you have to do is purchase tickets to be successful on the app and people who troll or spam constantly are still allowed to talk and if you have an issue with the app admins wont help you they are useless 95% of the time and like a person said in another review people like funny money or cookie lady are still able to play despite their antics but yea whatever you do dont buy this app you'll regret it and the admins never help you when you have an issue so theyre very useless
Pittsburgh sports on Oct 31, 2014 for version 5.4.0
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Great App, Highly Recommended
MLB PrePlay this year was very well. Although there was a few glitches here and there, I enjoyed it a lot. All of the admins especially @roy runs the app very well. You can chat when there is and is not a game going on. Everyone is usually kind and treats everyone with respect. I would highly recommend you to play this next year.
@derek-jeta-re2pect on Oct 30, 2014 for version 5.4.1
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Great App! I love all the spammers on it. It gives the app a nice touch that other apps don't have. I also love the muting system I've been muted 20+ times and they've all been 24 hour mutings! If you like spamming and trolling, and baseball, then this app is for you!
Mlb123456789 on Oct 23, 2014 for version 5.4.0
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Best I've ever played!...
I love this app and my account is doing great, but It needs some changes. 1. iOS 8 screws everything up 2. Buying tickets may be good for you, but it's no fun when they always win.
Yfvyfvyfcyfcyfc on Oct 18, 2014 for version 5.4.0
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Love the app!!!
It is soooo fun and if I can't watch the game on TV I can follow the game on here!
? Jr...? on Oct 13, 2014 for version 5.4.1
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Preplay Is The Bomb!
There are many fun things you can do on this app. You can enjoy talking with other people about how your team is doing or any random thing to get to know them, and you can prove to everyone who the best predictor really is. The only problems are some people don't get enough discipline for how they treat other users. There are some glitches. Overall I recommend this app to anyone who is bored and seeks something fun and interesting. GO YANKEES, RE2PECT DEREK JETER! Follow me!
Nicole-02-11 on Oct 13, 2014 for version 5.4.1
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Sold out
The creators of this app really sold out this year. If you're willing to spend $10 per game, you'll win easily. 2013 PrePlay actually involved skill and not money. Also, there are many glitches. The keyboard lags a lot and chat rooms close too often. The developers of this app are extremely lazy. They never get simple updates out easily and never help when it comes to spammers or complaints. This latest update claimed to fix the wheel but it still freezes on iPad. This was actually one of my favorite apps until this year now that skill isn't important and money is.
LewisJF on Oct 12, 2014 for version 5.4.1
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Sometimes new isn't better
Preplay was one of the best apps I discovered in 2013. It was fun and easy to use and really added a whole new element to watching baseball at home on the TV. this year, however, PrePlay has changed a whole lot and definitely not for the better. The glitches make this app a pain to play in. The support staff are very lazy and don't give much help like you would expect them to. I find that I rarely use this app anymore because it's no longer user friendly or fun at all. I wish they would bring back the old platform but it seems that money has become their main focus instead of making their app users happy. If they start listening to the request of their users this app has great potential but I won't see PrePlay doing that anytime soon. What a shame.
Carissa Ramirez on Oct 11, 2014 for version 5.4.0
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Love this app!
This app is great! I think it is good.I use it every day to check scores of games,Pitchers,and how the games went.The only thing is when you go to see how a individual person did,and you are done looking,you press the back button and it goes back to all the scores, which isn't good and I think it should go back to how everyone did In that game.
Aly Raisman lover on Oct 5, 2014 for version 5.4.0
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