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For people with nothing to do in life only
Thank you,apple,for waisting my time!So silly and stupid app ever!!!-(((
AirDimka on Jan 30, 2009 for version 1.0
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Smile Your On PhotoSwap
It's been about a week since the installation of this application, and I must admit .. that the word addiction would be the word to best describe this application. I must agree with the reviews that have commented about moving the report button, as I myself have found myself reporting some that I actually wanted to swap with. YES! you will find perversion (but if your into that, then have fun) YES! You will find just about every model television made on PhotoSwap, and YES! you will find yourself sending nonsense pictures just to get to the next one. I am very dissapointed in the lack of support. But then again, if they are running this app on a minimal server attempting to handle millions of pictures, I guess you can expect it to crash, I think an error message with a little honesty would most like be appreciated, instead of that bogus message they display now. I am a firm believer that you get what you pay for, so I really can't critize the makers of this application. I find it quite funny that the majority of the people that complain about the free apps, are those who spent a few hundred dollars to upgrade to Vista ... ohh wait "Mojave" Well ... I hope the issuers of this application read and take in what the users ahve to say. Maybe you should come out with two versions ... ADULT and this one.
georgercamacho on Jan 28, 2009 for version 1.0
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Can't reply to pics with words
I've had fun with this app, but would like to be able to comment on another pic with words. Currently you can only comment on someone elses pic with another pic- exactly as the app promises.. I live in Florida and got a great pic from Istanbul- would've liked to tell the photographer how I enjoyed the pic. Also pics don't stay in memory so enjoy them while they last!
Jeanne T on Jan 27, 2009 for version 1.0
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There needs to be a way to attatch previously taken photos, that's why 95% of the pictures are crap. If I could attach pictures I'd have some good ones to show, and I'm sure some others would too.
Mattsayshi! on Jan 26, 2009 for version 1.0
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Almost a good app...
Having a "skip" button would eliminate people taking random pics of nonsense just to receive another pic. I've done it myself. Also categories like "photokast" would be a nice edition...this way I don't have to see creepy man legs everytime. Time for an update guys
Sontos revert on Jan 25, 2009 for version 1.0
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Could be fun but
Lots of people with no authority or power in their life hitting report button which bans user from participation. Such a crap application. Servers down all the time. Bunch of pathetic losers on app. Put out a Christian fundamentalist version.
Badchoice on Jan 25, 2009 for version 1.0
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Laura h hanson
Fun but you can be sending pictures back and forth for hours with one awesome person and then one wrong button push and they are gone forever. This app is still really basic.
Cressesgirl22 on Jan 24, 2009 for version 1.0
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Socks & Jocks
You will quickly tire of seeing socks and jocks.
M.NINE on Jan 23, 2009 for version 1.0
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Could be a fun app but: -too many women on it. -you arent able to opt in or out of "mature" material. -there should be a version exclusively for heteros and Christian fundamentalists loonies.
peppertenfortyseven on Jan 22, 2009 for version 1.0
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For Horny Guys
8 out of 10 are gross pics, not worth it, plus when you open the application it keeps the last picture they send you, who wants to open an application and see misseries!!
Iveth_W on Jan 21, 2009 for version 1.0
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