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Doesn't load
Not loading on my phone!
Secret helpr on Apr 14, 2009 for PhotoSwap
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Please Fix Reporting
Photoswap is fun. But it's constantly ruined by random reporters who simply report things they don't like. I've been temp banned twice (which means a moderator checks the pictures) and been reinstated, both times. I understand the need for a report button, but since I don't send out objectional material randomly, it's very annoying to be in a good photoswap conversation only to get the temp ban warning. Please fix reporting so that if people falsely report pictures they run the risk of being banned themselves. And maybe if they continue to do it they receive a 48 hour ban. Fix this and I would raise my rating to 4 stars, add a way to thread people you are replying to so you don't lose them and I give it 5. Thanks.
Sam in Brooklyn on Apr 11, 2009 for PhotoSwap
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A great idea, poorly executed
This is an addictive app. You will love the "Hot or Not" categories but the developers have not put a lot of thought in to the user experience. 1. Why do I keep seeing the same pics? Can't you set a cookie so I only see pics I haven't seen before? 2. Why can't I search? I'd like to see pics by a particular poster...or search by zip code (require it at sign-up), or by city or state or date... 3. You need filters (see above). Why can't I filter out non-Photokast originals? 4. Why can't I flag pics as mis-posted and only "as offensive"? Sometimes people make mistakes... 5. WHY can't I zoom on a pic? WTF? Read the API? 6. Why aren't pics resized at upload???Pics posted at hi-red take 30-45 seconds to load. C'mon, invest a little effort! Great app but too bad it doesn't have better devlopment behind it. And yes, I still love it!
insolution on Apr 9, 2009 for PhotoSwap
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Almost there
Add the following changes and it would be great. 1a. Move the report button to another location. 1b. Replace the report with a block user option. 2. Add a buddy system of some kind. It would be nice to be able to check back in with users days later. Sometimes I have to choose between viewing a new message & trying to find a cool reply to my current swapper first. I know a few times I had a blast trying to stump a user with random photo matching... Only to have to avoid others because I didn't want to lose them. Then when I was bored a week later I was wishing I could start the game up with them again. But of course I couldn't because it is not possible in the current state. I say make another version with the more robust features and charge $9.99 for it. I'd pay that for a perfect version. I think a lot of loyal users would as well.
JuggoPop on Apr 8, 2009 for PhotoSwap
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Do not download!
This app drains my battery since I am always using it.
kennen on Apr 8, 2009 for PhotoSwap
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A wonderful APP but not yet perfect.
This is going to be long... because I have a lot to say. This application deserves it! I have been wonderfully addicted to this application since about a week after I downloaded it. The first picture I sent out got male parts in return. I freaked out and deleted it. About two days later I got it back for another go and it was actually pretty fun once I figured out how to filter the crazies. Now-a-days I am able to navigate my way around creepy guys and feet photos. I have met a few people with adorable cats, people with interesting jobs, a couple diamond in the ruff gorgeous guys, and some silly to boot women. You just have to know how to weed through the BS. I have 2 people very close to me now whom I met through this application, believe it or not it's THAT good! I'm probably a life-long customer, if not convinced this is one of the best apps on apple right now, as far as social networking goes. But I do have a few complaints. I half agree with the report button but mostly hate it. I hit it by accident constantly and that is a problem. Once you attempt to report someone you should be prompted with a selection of reasons as to why... to help get through the men that report you because you won't show your boobs, or the people that are simply offended by nonsense. I've been reported for sending a picture of a tshirt with a bands name on it. How idiotic. If the button stays, make it harder to press on accident, if it goes, it will be just as easy to ignore people by simply selecting a new photo or message. It's not that big of a deal to ignore something you don't like. It's too easy to accidentally lose people. Someone is playing with my phone and hits the wrong button, and I lose someone that I've been swapping with for 3 months. AWFUL! However, I'd like to see an option to read messages and reply in the order in which you chose. This would be awesome, still random people and photos but with a little more control. Create an actual in-box folder or something? I'd also like to see a way to (*) star people, or favorite them, so it's much harder to lose the thread. A buddy list system would be cool but at the same time, it could decrease the amount of new people who use it because in order to do buddy lists, you'd need to sign up for an account... so that's a feature to save for a pro version or something. But in a free, random version, certainly give us a way to save people we really like!!! An optional text field would be nice too. As much fun as I have writing on napkins in traffic... it's just difficult sometimes. I love the application the way it is, it's easy to use and about 45% of the time it's pretty quick. It just needs a couple of cool options added to it. I really don't understand how someone couldn't absolutely adore this. Please don't allow the option to send pictures in your photo album. As cool as it COULD be, it would completely kill the idea behind the whole application... it wouldn't be random and people would be able to be fake. I like the real life, real time, REAL PEOPLE aspect of this. So just DON'T DO IT!!! Look forward to an update on this. SOON!
Quoggenzocker on Apr 8, 2009 for PhotoSwap
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