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Compatible with Acrobat
This is really good and fast. I could export my notes to Acrobat and everything is perfect. Highlight markers look great in Acrobat. I am using this with my iPad and Acrobat with my PC. Thanks~
good enough~ on Mar 22, 2011 for pdf-notes for iPad
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Helpful to a point
It seems to work fine when you are writing notes on a document, or when you are working within the application, however once you want to highlight something, you cannot see it outside the app. If you mail it, or change the reader (to say Evernote) then the highlight ink blocks out the highlighted portion. Also, a way to save the annotated file to Dropbox would be nice.
BDfromSD on Mar 21, 2011 for pdf-notes for iPad
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Was better in previous version.
All the other reviews are accurate and good. I like this app a lot however I believe there are a few bugs. It seems my app is degrading as I have been using this since before they offered a paid version. I used to be able to zoom in on a document with 2 fingers and than move around the single page with one finger. Now I can only move around using two fingers. If I use only one after zooming in it automatically chooses the previous, or next, page automatically and moves to that one. It now also keeps zoomed in on the page if you go back to one you previously zoomed on. Nice, but also irritating that I have to unzoom out to see the page, scan for what I want, than zoom and move to whereI want to be. I am positive it always started at 100% even if you did zoom in on that page. Also it seems that my program had degraded so bad that I was stuck using two finger pinch for zooming and changing pages. One finger would just move the page left or right and it would snap back center. This was zoomed in or not zoomed. Two fingers and it would change pages. I ended up restoring to an earlier backup to fix this. This problem occured right after I added one more document to the library. Overall the program is great, but it seems I will have to wipe my ipad and reinstall all the files which will delete all my edits. There are no settings to reset whatever caused this problem to default, so it seems more likely program degredation with all the large files I have forced it to load and retain.
JuanSolid on Mar 20, 2011 for pdf-notes for iPad
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Can I wish for a text box?
This reader does just about everything I'm looking for without being cluttered. I was happy to find that it annotates in an overlay style which makes it great for working with templates, since form fills aren't available. One annotation tool that would be incredibly useful would be a resizable, repositionable text box. I like to use PDFs in the classroom with a projector, and being able to have a student, or myself, type in the answer under a question would make this tool perfect in that role. Thanks!
Echowing on Mar 13, 2011 for pdf-notes for iPad
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Best free annotation app around
This app is awesome if you make your own pdf's. I use this app for language study all the time. Scan in my books and I can do the practice problems over and over again without writing in the books. I also scan in my college books all at once or chapters weekly (takes a few hours but is worth it) and I can bring all my books with me on my ipad, so convenient. Since I am a lefty, I would love to be able to change the ads to the opposite side. I tend to open the app store frequently when I am writing in landscape mode. Would be awesome, thanks so much.
Highly_viscous on Mar 13, 2011 for pdf-notes for iPad
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I read some very, very big pdfs (e.g. books downloaded from Google), and for this purpose pdf notes is VASTLY superior to any other program I've seen including Goodreader. Loading a book for the first time may be slow (even an hour or more) but it's worth the wait because after that the pages turn and load lightning fast. Moreover, the program is one of the few that allows highlighting of image (as opposed to text) pdf files. It's actually shocking how many other programs have neglected this need. You can bypass the ads by putting your ipad into airplane mode, but I'm probably going to buy the paid version anyway to support the company's good work.
Detroit68 on Mar 10, 2011 for pdf-notes for iPad
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