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Awesome! Buy it at whatever price it is!
My favorite Pangea game so far! This is an excellent port and the controls are even better than the computer version. Don't listen to complainers whining about the controls, the d-pad is top-notch and works almost flawlessly. IF YOU THINK THE CONTROLS ARE BAD, YOU JUST CAN'T PLAY A GAME THAT EVEN A 3-YEAR OLD COULD MASTER!!! After the first level, I don't even think about what I'm pressing, it just moves naturally. I am glad there were no accelerometer controls, because you need very precise movement, and tilting would become confusing after a while in the midst of the many explosions and weird things happening. The gameplay is great and the ten long levels sure last a while. There are lots of strange and fun stuff you get to do, such as riding a rocket sled, riding bumper cars, and drinking a potion to grow really tall and powerful. The weapons are great, and the enemies are too. Some levels can be tricky to figure out what to do next, so before you complain about it being too hard, check out Pangea's strategy guide. If you are STILL really stuck and think one level is too difficult, triple tap the top left corner in the menu screen and you can pick any level. If you triple tap while playing, it will pass the level for you. THIS CHEAT WORKS WITH ALL OF PANGEA'S GAMES! The new Geocade scores are also cool, but it won't accept my old scores when I previously beat the game. Here are a few important improvements that would be helpful: - Faster weapons scrolling or you should just tap on the weapon to select it (the "head storage" animation where Otto opens his head is okay at first, but then becomes an irritation when you die because you couldn't pull out your freeze gun on time.) Also, the weapons shouldn't have a maximum ammo limit at all, because sometimes I get lots of weapons, and it won't accept more. - Minimap to make it easier to navigate around levels and track humans. - The last level needs to be MUCH harder and longer like the others. NOTE TO BRIAN: There is one major flaw in the game objective. If I am correct, the point of the game is to save the humans in each level. However, it feels like the main objective is to kill the enemies and bosses, while the humans are just a side bonus. You should be required to save humans. Overall, this is a wonderful, well-made game by the best iPhone + Mac developers out there. Thanks so much Brian and Duncan!!! (Please port your other games like Enigmo 2!)
- Anonymous Reviewer - on May 9, 2009 for Otto Matic
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Excellent application
Between the music, the smooth gameplay, and the brilliant art and design, I say this is the best app on in the store. Thanks again brian and team!
Torkcar on May 8, 2009 for Otto Matic
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best adventure game
this is simply one of the best adventure games for ipod touch or iphone. challenging, yet addicting and fun. get it now while its on sale!!!!
A7XBRO on May 3, 2009 for Otto Matic
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Really reall REALLY bad controls
The reverse button is terrible, Otto never runs in a straight line, and movement is choppy and un-precise. Copy Gameloft's omni-directional virtual joystick and you are in business. A well executed game that has fallen victim to such horrible controls that the game is unplayable. $0.99 is a good price for a decent game... but save your money until the controls are FIXED. The game is very frustrating due to the controls. I personally am going to delete this game and wait for an update. If not... then I guess I've lost faith with Pangea and will think twice before purchasing their products in the future. BOTTOM LINE: Good game, bad controls. Bad controls = 0 fun factor.
klouud on May 3, 2009 for Otto Matic
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Simply Amazing
I bought this game when it was 99 cents it was well worth it. The graphics are exceptional. Keep em coming Pangea. Also, if u could just as an update add more levels that would be awesome this game is the best.
Lolo.Nicole on May 3, 2009 for Otto Matic
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Great game, action packed.
Here's my appraise, this game has action, shooting, aliens, and robots what better than that, and the controls are alright.
dougshepard on May 2, 2009 for Otto Matic
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